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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 10

Recently, the company has been very busy. Charles seldom sent her flowers to show his love, even when he was in the office throughout the day. Sarah was also busy attending her own business. They rarely had any contact with each other. It did, however, give her a lot of time to think about their relationship. After a lot of contemplation, she was able to see clearly that she could do nothing about their love except sigh and let it go.

At this moment, her phone suddenly pinged. It was a message. She thought it might be Charles inviting her to have dinner that night; after all, she was about to get off work. However, it was an unknown number, saying: Are you free tonight? We can have a talk at Fairy Coffee House, 21:00.

Sarah thought someone might have sent a message to the wrong person, so she just ignored it. After a few moments, another message was received, "Though we are unfamiliar, I think it's necessary for us to talk to each other. It would be mutually beneficial to our future."

Sarah still thought someone had got the wrong number. However, she replied politely, "Sorry, I think you have the wrong number. I don't know you."

After a minute with no reply, Sarah began to be absorbed by her work again. Charles didn't come out of his office after work hours were over. Most people had left, and soon there were just one or two new staff as well as her and Charles.

Sarah called Charles, but he told her, "I have some important work to do tonight, so I can't be with you. You can go home by yourself, and I will find you later."

As expected, since she had asked him about his feelings for her, Charles had become indifferent to her. She didn't know the reason. Now he could hardly accompany her because he always said that he had too much work to do. Maybe it was true, after all, he was the president of a company. Sarah couldn't help but feel that he was indifferent to her, though, as he used to take care of her in the past, even if he was busy. Now, however, things had changed.

Sarah didn't ask him to explain and hung up the phone to leave work.

After she had walked out of the company building, her phone rang again. Sarah secretly hoped that Charles was calling her, maybe he would comfort her now. Disappointingly, it was the same unknown number from earlier in the day.

She frowned and hesitated, but answered, "Hello, who's that?"

"Are you Sarah?" It sounded like a woman.

Sarah paused, wondering whether she knew her, "Yes, I am. Who's calling, please."

"It's not important, but if you want to know, that's okay. We can meet. I am waiting for you at Fairy Coffee House now. We can talk about Charles."


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