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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 105

This time, she needed to nip the problem in the bud. If she didn’t take action now, Emma would think she was easily bullied!

But Emma wasn't willing to give up just yet. Having lost to Sarah with her cooking skills, she came up with many different topics to talk about with Charles. They had always had a good relationship and had many common issues to talk about endlessly, and anyone besides them seemed to be invisible to them.

When Sarah and Charles had fallen in love at first, Sarah had felt ignored the same way when she first met Emma. At that time, Sarah had thought that she lacked communication skills and thus was neglected and had even felt sad about it. But now, when she recalled it, she understood that it wasn't her fault.

Emma was a shrewd woman and had captured his attention deliberately all the time. If she were just a friendly sister, she would not be able to keep his interest all this time while eating dinner with her brother and his girlfriend. It was evident that Emma did it deliberately.

But everything had changed now. Sarah wouldn't allow Emma to bully her for the second time. When Charles was talking with Emma, she gave him a second filling and asked, “Is it good?” Then she changed the topic of conversation to the company and their private life. After all, they had been working in the same company, and after marriage, they had more topics. Emma couldn't interfere with their conversation, given that she knew nothing about it. How can she participate in their discussion?

Emma started to feel embarrassed. Sarah sneered in her heart. She had won tonight!

Emma finally realized that she had failed and resumed her meal in silence. Once they finished eating, it was already nine o’clock at night. They had been sitting and chatting while eating for a long time. Now that Emma had come to visit, she must stay for the night in their guestroom.

When bringing Emma a new bath towel and pajamas, which had been prepared for her just in case she came to visit, Sarah saw a paper bag was on Emma's bed with a men's shirt, the same she had bought at the shop earlier this morning.

Sarah smiled significantly and asked Emma intentionally, “Eh, Emma, why is there a men’s shirt on the bed? Could you tell me who you bought this shirt?”

Emma was sitting beside the bed, busy on her new iPhone. Listening to Sarah's question, she looked up at her with a bright and sweet smile. “Oh, I nearly forgot. I bought this as a gift for my brother!”

Sarah sneered in her heart. Emma had only brought a gift for Charles, but not for her. What did that mean? Was that being a good sister? In fact, she knew that this shirt was not an ordinary gift!

Sarah responded purposefully, “That’s okay, but I also bought a shirt for him today.”

Emma paused, and then she asked, “You also bought one?”



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