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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 116

He was right. Although Sarah had been in two previous relationships, she had never really been in love before. She was still in high school when she had her first boyfriend, and both had still been very young and naïve. Although they had liked each other, it hadn't been love, so when he cheated on her, she had broken up with him without much difficulty.

Her second boyfriend had been in college. At that time, she had loved him, but she had been inexperienced and didn't know how to deal with a man, and she never overthought about love at that time. Since she was busy with her studies, trying to land a job, and taking care of her sister, she had neglected him, and ultimately, he had cheated on her too. Although she had been sad at that time, she had forgotten about him soon.

With Charles, it was different. When she met him at work, she felt herself really falling in love with him. Although they had their problems at times, their love was stronger, which had helped her in keeping their relationship this far.

Regardless, Sarah felt a little shy when Charles was so openly flirting with her. She pushed him aside with her shoulder and said, “Nonsense, your dad is here. Can't you be serious?”

Charles still laughed again. “So what? Maybe my dad likes to see me happy!”

Knowing Charles's playful nature, Sarah just ignored him. Charles took her hand again, and after a while, he said in a cautious tone., “Just now my mom told me to stay here during this time. Dad is seriously ill this time, and we should be near him and take care of him. She told me that she is also getting old and that she wants me to take care of the company here."

Sarah looked up and asked. "Won't you be very busy then?"

Charles shook his head. “Not that much. Emma will help me this time. After all, she just graduated in economics, she can help me in that department!”

Sarah was shocked. “Does that mean Emma will work with you?...” she paused for a while and then continued. "What about me?"

“You just take care of my dad and of our home, and maybe soon we'll have a child, then you need to stay home and raise our baby. Right? Isn't it good for us to divide our work this way? You don't need to work outside the home. Having a baby should be our priority now!”

Charles was speaking in a warm tone, but Sarah didn't know why she felt his words were filled with irony and a little pessimistic. He was telling her that he expected her to stay at home alone, meaning that she would only see him late at night after he came home from work.

Emma, on the other hand, would spend all day every day with Charles. If something were to be happening between Emma and Charles, she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.


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