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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 120

It was almost lunchtime when Mr. Thomas suddenly requested to have a specific kind of chicken soup, which Sarah was to buy for him. Walking out of his room, she didn't know where she found that kind of soup in Los Angeles since she was not familiar with the place yet. Not knowing who to turn, she called Daniel to ask him for directions.

Daniel told her that he would be off work at noon and that he'd take her to the place during his lunch break. After just a few minutes, he came to accompany her to the restaurant.

Sarah didn't want to bother him and ask just to give her the directions, but Daniel insisted on taking her to the place himself, stating that it was too far to walk there.

After taking off his white coat, Daniel was ready to go with her, dressed in casual sportswear. Sarah thought that maybe he intended to exercise after working based on his attire. Though he was 28 years old, he looked much younger and energetic in his sports clothes, like a college student. With his bright smile, he seemed very gentle, making everyone feel comfortable in his presence. Sarah started to feel better when seeing him and smiled at him. “You were so quick to change! I'm sorry to bother you!”

“Not at all,” Daniel said. “I'm off work now.” He led her to the garage and drove off in his car.

While driving, Daniel turned on some relaxing music in the car, making Sarah feel more comfortable. He talked and laughed with her with such ease that Sarah's anger gradually disappeared. She thought that she was more relaxed with Daniel, at least felt more at ease with him than she did with Charles. She couldn't help saying in a light tone, “Thank you!”

“Thank you?” Daniel was surprised. "Why is that?"

“You’re still as humorous as ever. I'm always laughing when I'm around you.” She answered

“You know I'm good, don't you? Some of the nurses in the hospital secretly call me “The most handsome man in the hospital” You should know that I'm a good catch, right?

Sarah hadn't expected him to make a joke out of it and laughed out happily before she asked. “By the way, where is your girlfriend? You're 28. When will you introduce me to my future sister-in-law?”

“Future sister-in-law?” Daniel turned to look at her with a faint and inexplicable light in his eyes. Sarah didn't understand him. He looked strange but attractive as if she could be sucked into the light of his eyes.

Daniel turned back to look at the road and continued. “I haven't fallen in love with anyone yet, I don't want to have a family yet.”

"What kind of person do you like? Maybe I can introduce you to someone?” Sarah added.

Daniel looked at her again but kept silent this time. He kept driving for a long time. After turning around a corner, he suddenly stopped the car and said, “Here we are!” without answering her question.


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