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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 129

Charles realized that in his happiness about becoming a father, he had forgotten that Sarah was still in the examination room and started blaming himself.

“Damn it, I am so happy to know that we're going to be a parent that I forgot about her. How could I push Sarah away? Fuck!” He clenched his fist in frustration.

Seeing Charles's guilt, Daniel felt angry and resentful toward him. Why did Sarah love and marry this man? He grunted and was about to go back into the examination room.

But Charles grabbed his hand and asked in a worried tone. “Doctor Frank, how is Sarah now? Is she all right? Keep her safe, no matter what the cost. I'll do everything as long as she and the baby are all right.”

Daniel looked at him and smirked. Now he had finally called him Doctor Frank rather than calling him by his first name. Reluctant, he answered. “Well, now you feel regret? Why couldn't you be nice to her before? Sarah married you, but you have made her so miserable!”

Although Charles was being called out by Daniel, he really realized that he was in the wrong and didn't retaliate. He just simply asked, “How is Sarah doing? I'll do whatever she asks me in the future as long as she is okay. Even if occasionally she makes mistakes, I'll let her have her way. All I want is for her and the baby to be okay!”

“Even if she occasionally makes mistakes? When did Sarah make a mistake? It is you who is always wrong! Why do you think Sarah made a mistake?” Daniel couldn’t help shouting at Charles, suppressing his jealous feelings.

Sarah may be pregnant with Charles’s child, but he still wanted to help Sarah against Charles. Sarah had suffered so much because of him, and Charles still insisted that she was in the wrong.

Emma couldn’t tolerate seeing Daniel reproaching Charles, so she walked up to him and asked. “Doctor Frank, is Sarah feeling better? Don't you need to go in and check on her?”

Daniel looked at Emma and noticed her hostility. Forcing a smirk, he walked back into the room. The most important thing right now was Sarah's safety.

Charles lowered his head and stood outside the examination room, the closed-door separating him from the person he loved most. After Daniel had scolded him, he was left with mixed feelings. He realized that Daniel was right, that it was all his fault. He had not been kind enough to Sarah, always confronting her.

Now she was pregnant and hurt, how bad was she hurt? Would the pregnancy be difficult for her? If anything happened to her and their child because of the way he had pushed her at the staircase just now, he would blame himself forever.

Thinking about his actions, Charles slowly went to sit down on a bench in the waiting area. Covering his face in his hands, he sat there and waited.

Emma came up to him and called out quietly, “Brother… ”


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