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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 16

At that moment, Sarah didn't know how she felt about what had happened and just stared at Charles. Keeping silent, she felt her heart continue to sink.

After Charles hung up the phone, he looked at Sarah and knew what she was thinking about. He hesitated for a while, "My sister Emma, she is back."

Sarah responded quietly after a long pause, "I see."

"She is at the airport now, ready to see me. She didn't go back home, so I had to pick her up."

Sarah nodded again, "Go on, then." Her voice sounded calm, but Charles surely knew that something was wrong. Tonight, she had learned about his past and, on the same night, discovered that he clearly still can't forget about his sister. She had now returned, without warning and Sarah had no idea whether Charles still loved her or not.

Charles didn't know what to say, and maybe he hadn't expected any of that. After hesitating for a long time, he patted her on the shoulder and said, "Things between her and me are over, so don't worry.

"I'm not worrying about anything!" Sarah raised her head and looked at him, "You go, don't be late."

Charles hesitated, when he looked into her eyes, he thought she really was okay, so he left. At first, he just walked at his normal pace, but soon he broke into a hurried walk toward the car, then drove away, leaving Sarah to think about what had happened.

There were few people on the streets at night. The night felt as cold as ice. Sarah was freezing, and she didn't know why she felt so uneasy. Charles hadn't actually done anything, but now that his sister Emma had come back, she felt a lot more insecure. She wasn't sure whether Charles would upset her or not.

When Sarah came back home, she felt very tired, so she went straight to bed without washing. She recalled Charles's words, and she still remembered his soft tone when he described Emma. It seemed that he relished thinking about these cherished memories. In fact, he may still love his sister even now.

Sarah tossed and restlessly turned as she processed the thoughts in her head until she decided that she was unwilling to go on thinking.

The next day, Charles was late. However, as he was president of the company, no one could question him. Sarah, however, was worrying. She didn't know what had happened between him and his sister. Charles didn't arrive until after ten o'clock. When Sarah saw Charles walking to her from far away, she stood up in haste and greeted him formally.

Charles looked at her for a little while, "Come to my office."

Sarah followed him obediently, and she didn't know whether she should ask him what happened last night. She also thought she shouldn't ask more because he had assured her that Emma was just his sister. Therefore, she remained silent.

Sarah kept her head lowered. Then, unexpectedly, Charles turned around and hugged her after he closed the door. Sarah felt surprised, "Charles."


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