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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 18

On the way home, everyone in the car was silent. Sitting in the back seat, Emma looked at Charles and Sarah and tried not to say anything so as not to create more awkwardness.

Finally, they arrived at Emma’s apartment. Seeing Charles was preparing to escort her upstairs, Emma quickly stopped him and said, “Brother, I can go upstairs by myself. It’s so cold outside, go back home.” She then got out of the car and ran upstairs quickly.

When they were alone again in the car, Charles turned to Sarah and said to her angrily, “Couldn’t you be more polite? My sister hasn’t come back for a long time. Why are you angry with her? I have told you many times how she is my friend, and you still won’t accept her.

Hearing his complaints, Sarah felt angry again. In his eyes, everything she did was wrong. He already knew that she didn’t like Emma, but he still ignored her and talked with Emma happily when having dinner. She could stand this because she knew they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. When she had ordered just one dish, Charles immediately refused it just because Emma didn’t like the smell of it. Before getting into the car, she had already said that she was uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he still forced her into the car just so he wouldn’t hurt Emma’s feelings. Had he taken care of her feelings? He only wanted to meet all of Emma’s demands and didn’t even care about whether his actions had made Sarah sad. He told her that he didn’t love his sister anymore, but why did his behavior give her the feeling that Emma was more important than her in Charles’s mind?

Thinking about these things made Sarah even angrier, but she didn’t want to argue with him. She quickly got out of the car and left. She no longer wanted to talk with this man.

Charles shouted at her, “Sarah, what do you want me to do?”

Sarah quickened her pace, ignoring his call to her, so Charles had to get out of the car in order to get close enough to talk to her. All of this was witnessed by Emma, who stood at the window of her apartment. She saw that Charles ran to stop Sarah and ask her, and then they argued with each other. However, they still tried to repress their voices because they didn’t want to be noticed by anyone passing by. Emma also noticed how irritable Charles was when talking to Sarah as he grabbed his hair.

Sarah seemed to question him. At last, Charles noticed a passerby and grabbed Sarah’s hand to force her into the car. Shortly afterward, the car started and drove off.

Emma closed her eyes and frowned as if she could feel Charles’ pain as strongly as he did. She whispered to herself, “Brother, I’m sorry. I don’t want to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend, but sometimes I can’t control myself. I can’t stand that you are with another woman even though I know we can’t be together anymore.”

Suddenly, she fell to the floor, feeling so grieved and blaming herself for tonight’s actions. Staring at the ceiling, she had no idea what she wanted to do. Although she felt sorry for Sarah, she believed that Charles was in love with her.

In that year, she had tried so hard to want to break up with Charles. She was forced to do that. Originally, she thought that she could forget Charles. However, to her surprise, the men she met after Charles could never quite compare to him. No one could love her as deeply as Charles. Now, even though she knew they couldn’t be together in the way they had been, she still couldn’t let him be with another woman.

Closing her eyes, Emma thought that perhaps she was selfish. However, everyone’s love was selfish, so the only decision she could make was to hurt Sarah. What’s more, Charles may not blame her after he knew the facts. After all, who he truly loved was her, not Sarah. Assured by her realization, Emma smiled.

Sarah didn’t know what to say in front of Charles. They had been silent ever since they’d driven Emma back to her home and argued with each other. Charles drove the car, and Sarah sat in the passenger’s seat quietly, looking out of the window. Then, they arrived at the company building. As soon as the car had stopped, Sarah quickly got out, ignoring Charles in the driving seat.

Glancing at her, Charles was livid, so he slammed the car door shut behind him and followed her. When he entered the hall, Sarah had already entered the elevator, and the doors were closing. Charles could have run to make it into Sarah’s elevator, but he didn’t want to as he saw it as a compromise.

Then, when he walked into his office, Sarah had already begun to work. Charles thought that as he was the CEO, in this building, Sarah wouldn’t dare ignore him, so he walked over arrogantly and glared at her. To his surprise, Sarah completely ignored him. Even when he entered his office, she still lowered her head and continued working. In the past, when he entered his office, she, as his secretary, would have stood up and bowed, saying, “Hello, Mr. President.” Now, however, she had the audacity to ignore him entirely.


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