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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 21

After discretely leaving the company building, Sarah returned home and immediately sent her resignation to Charles by email. No matter what he said to her, she would never go back to work. Furthermore, she would never be with him again. This time she was absolutely sure.

Sarah felt so conflicted. Should she thank him for telling her he really felt, so that she could give up completely and get out of this toxic relationship? She had never expected her third relationship to end like this. She had never been so happy in love, only to have her heartbroken before. She thought to herself that perhaps she should become a nun and never search for love again.

Sarah laughed at herself and sneered. She felt so terrible, staring at the white wall, letting tears cascade down her face, making no effort to wipe them away.

After a long time, she finally got back onto her feet. Then, she picked up her phone and called her sister. She asked if Sophia was busy and that she wanted to go and see her. All Sarah wanted was to get far away from anything that reminded her of this situation she was in. She couldn’t stay in this city any longer, where everything made her think of Charles and his wicked deception.

However, Sophia said that she was busy with classes. If she wanted to see Sophia, she would have to wait for her holiday in October. Disappointed, Sarah hung up the phone. Although she couldn’t go to see her sister, she still had somewhere else she could go. Then, she phoned several classmates from her university, whom she thought would be willing to have her stay with them.

After calling several friends, she discovered several missed calls on her phone, which were all from Charles. She stared at her phone, stunned. Then her phone rang again, and it was Charles.

Sarah was so angry that she rejected his call without a second thought. Exhausted, she lay down on the sofa and realized that she had no idea what to do. She switched on the TV but did not watch it, and listened to the sound.

Soon after, there was a knock at the door, and Sarah heard a voice shouting from outside. It was Charles, calling, “Sarah, Sarah, open the door. You need to listen to my explanation. Are you in? Please open the door quickly!”

Sarah was surprised that Charles had come to her house, but she chose to ignore his knocking as if she couldn’t hear it. She was so tired of him, and he was constantly finding excuses after hurting her, and then, continuing to hurt her. Since he did not love her, what could he possibly want from her? Sarah realized that this was, in fact, the first time that she had ignored him.

After knocking for a while, Charles continued shouting, “Sarah, are you in? Are you in? Open the door if you are in!”

However, Sarah still didn’t open the door. Outside, Charles listened closely for any noises inside the flat, but he couldn’t hear Sarah moving around at all. Thus, he knocked at the door again, “The TV is on. Why don’t you open the door? Sarah, please open the door, or I will break it down!”

Sarah felt so angry at his rude intrusion. Therefore, she decided to call the security guards downstairs and get them to send Charles away.

Suddenly, Charles was seized by the security guards. Even as he was being escorted off the premises, Sarah could still hear Charles’s cries, “Sarah, you have to listen to my explanation. Sarah!”

Finally, the world seemed quiet again. Sarah lay down on the sofa and stared at the TV as tears rolled down her face. Her dream of love had ended so suddenly. She felt so devastated because she had loved Charles with all her heart.

Thinking of Charles and what could have been, she fell into a deep sleep. It was pitch black outside by the time she woke up. The TV was still on, but her room was very dark. With only the light of the TV, she went to turn on the light. However, when she stood up, she found that she was unusually weak. She thought that perhaps this was because she was hungry, or possibly because she was mentally and physically exhausted.

As she fumbled to turn on the light, she noticed that there was someone under her balcony. Because her apartment was on the 1st floor, she could easily make out the man. Sarah stood in the corner of her room, decided not to turn on the light and instead, stared at that man under her balcony.

Charles stood outside, with his car parked beside him. He leaned on the car and smoked silently. She didn’t know how long he’d been there, maybe he had just arrived, but he could have been standing for a long time. Perhaps he never left after being driven away by the security guards in the afternoon.

Sarah felt utterly perplexed. She didn’t know why Charles was choosing to behave like this. Seeing as though he didn’t love her, he had no need to pretend to be hurt and explain himself. His explanation would only make both of them sad. It was a meaningless gesture.

Sarah sat on the ground and stared blankly into the dark, unsure of whether to cry or laugh.


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