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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 24

Charles immediately began tending to Emma and then turned and shouted at Sarah, “What are you doing? Why did you push her?” He was angry and distraught to see his sister injured.

He looked gaunt, probably because he had been waiting for her outside for such a long time. But why had he arrived at that moment? Sarah stared at him. Suddenly she felt as though the world was collapsing around her. The whole thing was so awful, and she questioned whether she was in some sort of dreadful nightmare. What a fucking life!

“Brother, she didn’t push me. I fell down by myself. Please don’t blame her!” Emma said to him, innocently.

Charles, however, was not convinced, “Why do you still defend her, Emma? I witnessed the whole thing just now.”

Everyone in the café was now fixated upon the action that was unraveling before them. Sarah had never felt more embarrassed.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She had felt wronged enough. While Charles and Emma seemed to be fine with being observed like monkeys in a zoo, Sarah still wanted to hold on to any dignity she had left. Therefore, she picked up her own bag and turned to leave.

Charles couldn’t believe it. He had been waiting for her for days on end, but she was still completely indifferent to him, even now she wanted to escape. How could she be so cold-hearted?

Charles caught up with her, held her hands, and said, “Sarah, stop! Did I allow you to go?”

Sarah tried her best to stay calm, “Let me go! You have no right!”

“You are my girlfriend and a member of my staff. Why do I have no right?” Charles said coldly.

Sarah looked into his eyes, “I have submitted my resignation. We have broken up!”


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