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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 29

Sarah finally understood what she meant. Although she had always been aware that there was a huge gap between her and Charles when it came to money and power, no one had ever mentioned it before, so she'd hardly ever thought about it. Now that Mrs. Thomas had said it out loud, she felt embarrassed and unsurprisingly, a little sad. However, Sarah had already accepted that Charles was not to be hers and so merely nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Thomas continued, "You know Emma and Charles. They loved each other. Although we also loved them very much, we still stopped them from being together. Why? Even if Emma is our adopted daughter, she is still from an orphanage. How could she ever be on the same level as Charles? We refused our beloved Emma to be with Charles because of her status, and we certainly won't hesitate to do the same to strangers." She stopped for a little while and sighed, "So, Miss Tyler, I am so sorry. Charles can't hold you accountable. It's his fault. He won't marry you no matter how much you love each other!"

"I see. Mrs. Thomas, I have thought about it, and even if you'd said nothing to me at all, I would still want to leave him. Don't worry," Sarah answered in a low voice.

Mrs. Thomas finally seemed to relax and said, "We would make it up to you. $100,000 or $200,000? Is it enough?"

Sarah thought Mrs. Thomas must not respect her at all. How could she measure her with money? Did the rich always behave this way? No wonder Charles could be arrogant sometimes.

Mrs. Thomas looked at Sarah and figured that she was not satisfied with the amount, she asked again, "How much do you want? $500,000, $1,000,000?”

"Mrs. Thomas, I think you have me wrong!" Sarah finally snapped at her and raised her head, "I don't need money. I will leave him alone because that's what I want!" Sarah stared angrily into Mrs. Thomas's eyes for a moment before turning to leave.

Emma found Sarah walking toward the exit and ran over to her, inquiring, "Miss Tyler, where are you going? Don't you want to wait for my brother to wake up?"

Mrs. Thomas appeared soon before Sarah could say anything. "Let her go!" she said coldly.

Emma turned her head and looked at Mrs. Thomas and then looked at Sarah. She just didn't know what to say. Sarah said to Emma sternly, "You needn't stop me. Let me go. I have seen Charles already. You can take care of him."

Sarah was about to leave when Charles's cousin suddenly yelled from the other end of the corridor, "Charles is awake! He's woken up!"


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