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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 37

"You have no respect at all. How on earth has Charles taken a fancy to you!" Mrs. Thomas replied bitterly.

Sarah sneered, "Mrs. Thomas, do you really know your own son? Mr. Thomas felt a little guilty about Charles because of the way he deprived him of attention during his early years. You, however, do you even care about your son? Do you know what he wants?"

"I'm his mother. I can give him the best thing in the world!" Mrs. Thomas hadn't expected Sarah to respond to her with such hostility.

Sarah looked at her calmly and said, "Mrs. Thomas, I thought you were a good mother before. After all, you care about Charles. Therefore, when you asked me to leave, I promised you I would. However, over time, I have discovered that you are disrespectable and disillusioned. You never make allowances for others, including your son. You never got to know your son, and you never ask him what he wants. Instead, you impose what you think is good on him according to your will. You hardly consider that these good things may not be suitable for Charles. So, today I just want you to know that I will never consider your opinion again, no matter how you try to stop us. I love Charles, and we will be together forever!"

"Oh my god!" Mrs. Thomas had never been challenged in this way before. Her face flushed with shame, "Look at yourself! I always thought you were a decent girl, and you wouldn't badger with Charles for fame. Now, however, I see that I had you wrong. You are even more shameless than these girls who are only after fame and wealth!"

Suddenly, Sarah stood up and answered, "Mrs. Thomas, I am a decent girl, that's why I wouldn't play up to you, and that's why I challenge you when I think you are wrong. It seems as though you will never agree to it, but I still want to be with Charles. I would still take you as my mother-in-law for the wedding if you agree to be respectful. If you still show me disrespect, I will fight against you. I only hope we can have an equal and harmonious relationship."

"You!" Mrs. Thomas suddenly stood up and was about to quarrel further when a voice was heard shouting from a distance, "All right!" Mr. Thomas had returned, interrupting their conversation.

Mrs. Thomas immediately began arguing with him, "You see. This is who you chose! She has disrespected her elders before even becoming a part of our family."

Sarah seemed to realize how aggressive she had just been, so she lowered her head and kept silent.

Mr. Thomas walked closer to them and said, coldly, "I see it now. It is very clear. Christina, you needn't concern yourself with Charles's wedding. I have told you that I can take care of it. What are you doing now?"

"Charles is my son. Why shouldn't I care about his wedding? Who did you choose?!" Mrs. Thomas was still completely unable to keep calm.

"I have chosen her. Who is the master in this family? Are you qualified to decide Charles's life decisions?" Mr. Thomas said assertively.

Mrs. Thomas ground her teeth but could think of no way to refute him. At last, she picked up her bag and said, "Whatever happens, I will never call you my daughter-in-law." Finishing her words, she turned and left the room.

Sarah didn't know what to do; after all, everything had somehow been caused by her. Then she said to Mr. Thomas, "I'm sorry. Maybe I am not an eligible daughter-in-law. It seems that I can't even respect my future mother-in-law."

Mr. Thomas sighed and smiled, "It doesn't matter. Christina has been a certain way from a young age. She can't tolerate others challenging her. It's natural to argue with her, I know it is not your fault. I saw your spirit from your conversation just now. Your persistence solidified my faith in you. Charles really has chosen a wonderful woman!"

"Are you joking? I felt so guilty!" Sarah answered.

Mr. Thomas patted her shoulder comfortingly. "You've done well. I support you. You must be with Charles. It would ease my mind to know that you can take care of yourself. Can you do it? Sometimes, Charles is like a child. He is possessive about things that he cares about. So, he may sometimes do you wrong and cause you great upset in the future. Are you willing to forgive him when he behaves like that?"

Sarah looked up at him and replied humbly, "Thank you so much for your support. I am moved. As for Charles, I will always care for him as best as I can and cherish the chance to be with him. I will try my best to tolerate his faults. I will try never to disappoint you."

Mr. Thomas nodded and smiled. "Actually, if you can trust each other, nothing is impossible. I believe that you can do it." Mr. Thomas was unaware now of just how much trouble his teachings of tolerance would cause for Charles and Sarah's marriage in the future.


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