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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 41

Besides her sister, Sarah’s other relatives also came to attend her wedding. Their relatives hadn’t cared about them much since Sarah began to have a part-time job. No matter whether they went to college or got sick, their relatives hadn’t cared about them. Basically, it was Sarah alone who had worked hard to support their lives. Sarah also had a complaint about her grandma’s cruelty, but nothing changed. Everyone had their own life. She could only complain about their fate.

Therefore, she didn’t ask for a penny from her relatives after she was able to make a living. Later on, their lives became better when she had a full-time job. Then she could support herself and her sister, so she didn’t visit her relatives anymore. And, their relatives didn’t keep in touch with them.

This time, although her relatives didn’t want to come, they still had to attend Sarah’s wedding due to tradition symbolically. However, when they saw that Charles was so rich, they were all surprised. Then they began to notice Sarah and cozy up to her.

Sarah had already foreseen these things and didn’t care about them. Thus, no matter how they tried to curry favor with her, she just smiled at them. At most, she just kept a gracious attitude to her grandma.

On the eve of the wedding, both families were very busy. Sarah needed to arrange her relatives’ housing. Besides, there were many things to do. Even if her sister and friends helped her a lot, she still was very busy. She could not rest until very late. At this time, Charles’s call, which was like a spring in summer, immediately made her exhaustion evaporate.

Charles asked, “What are you doing?”

Sarah answered, “I am arranging the housing for my family. There seems to be a shortage of rooms.”

“Didn’t I have someone deal with this before? Why do you have to worry about it?” Charles asked.

“Yes, but there have been changes since then. A few more people came later, so we don’t have enough rooms.”

“Do you need my help? I’ll go and help you now,” Charles said.

Sarah hurried to say, “No, no, no. I’m almost done with it. Now, after Sophia takes a bath, I will also go to have a shower. Then I will go to sleep.”

Charles said, “Well, then, my dear, rest up, so you don’t get tired. You need to get up at five o’clock tomorrow and put on your wedding dress and makeup. You will have a busy day, and I don’t want you to tire out.”


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