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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 44

At this moment, Sarah’s dress had almost been torn off, and her underwear was showing. So was Charles’. She realized that something would happen if she bathed with Charles. She touched his manhood accidentally and felt that it was hard, which made her flustered when Charles lifted her up.

Although they were married, somehow, Sarah was still afraid of her future, especially of sex. She had never done it, so she felt nervous when it was about to happen.

She struggled, “Charles put me down, and I will walk. Can we bathe separately? This is inconvenient for me.”

“You are my wife, and I am your husband. What’s wrong if we bathe together?” said Charles deeply. His voice had become hoarse due to alcohol.

“But the bathroom would become crowded,” Sarah said. She made an excuse at random.

“The bathroom is half the size of the study, isn’t it? No more excuses, okay? Actually, bathing together is really wonderful. It’s a pity if you don’t want to try it.” Charles said, refuting her. It seemed like he was determined to be with her.

“But I am really tired tonight. What will you do for me? I’m exhausted.”

Charles chuckled, and said suddenly, “Daring, you can do it. Otherwise, why does the wedding night exist? You can do what others can do. And I promise that I won’t let you down.”

“But…Ah!” Sarah was about to refuse, but unexpectedly, Charles opened the switch, and hot water sprinkled down from the showerhead and overwhelmed her words.

Sarah closed her eyes and couldn’t find the direction she was going in-she just struggled hastily. Charles came forward to embrace her, getting wet with her. He hugged her and said, “Let me serve you, okay? You just close your eyes, and I will bathe you!” His voice completely tempted her, and it made her blush.

Sarah finally found the right direction and moved a little. When wiping the water on her face, she opened her eyes, and she found that Charles was standing in front of her with messy hair and hot eyes in a sexy mood. She also got wet. Her dress had almost been torn off, the zipper was open, and her underwear was shown.

Charles said in a hoarse voice, “You are in good shape. Why don’t you wear some sexy clothes in your daily life?” He began to touch her body.

Sarah couldn’t bear it but struggled and sobbed, “Charles, no.”

“Why now? I just want to smear bath cream on your body. I told you not to move, just let me serve you. It’s the first time that I’ve wanted to serve a woman.”

He did bathe her. However, her body was trembling along with his hands moving on her body. Sarah suddenly felt thirsty. She didn’t understand why she felt very hot even though she was soaking in hot water. She yearned for something to happen in her heart.

“Take off your clothes!” Charles suddenly ordered her.

“What?” Sarah didn’t understand and responded in confusion.

Charles stared at her breasts and said hoarsely, “You make me lose control. Will you do it by yourself, or should I help you?”


“Okay, I’ll help you then?”


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