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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 7

Sarah was stunned. She grabbed her phone and went over to her window. Charles was outside, standing in the middle of a burning heart-shaped firework. He saw her in the window and shouted, "Sarah, I love you! Happy birthday!"

As it all began to sink in, Sarah realized that she couldn't possibly feel sorry for herself for both her sister and her lover had remembered her birthday and cared for her. Clearly, Charles had just wanted to give her a surprise. Suddenly, she began to cry. Hearing her cries down the phone, Sophia asked, "What's the matter with you? Why are you crying?"

She quickly explained what was going on to Sophia and told her she would call her back later. Once she had hung up the phone, she ran downstairs to greet Charles.

Charles smiled and opened his arms, waiting for Sarah's embrace.

Then when Sarah ran into his arms, he immediately picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her.

The burning fireworks were so beautiful, illuminating the dark night and reflecting their romantic love. They stood in the heart-shaped fireworks and kissed so passionately that they forgot there were people passing by them.

At this point, Sarah was so moved that her heart felt as though it was going to fly out of her chest. Therefore, when Charles hugged and kissed her, she couldn't help but hug him as tightly as she could.

At that moment, no part of her resisted the contact between man and woman, only wanting to experience this happy moment fully.

After a long time, Charles loosened her, breathed softly with his forehead against hers, and asked, "Are you happy?"

Sarah sighed, looked at him deeply, and nodded.

Then Charles asked, "Are you moved?"

Sarah nodded again with tears trickling down her cheeks. She couldn't remember a time when she had felt this happy before. It is a happy thing when there is someone who cares about you and does beautiful things for you.


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