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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 96

Sarah found Lee’s words to be contradictory and stopped to look at her. “You envy me but don’t want to marry Charles yourself, so why are you jealous of me then?”

Lighting her cigarette, Lee seemed to be happy to have gotten Sarah’s attention. “I envy you because you are with Charles, but I don’t want to marry him because I know I wouldn’t be happily married to a man like him. You are the same. He is not the right person for you.”

Sarah felt her explanation ridiculous and turned around to face Lee. “Whether he is the right person for me or not, we are already married, right? And he is very nice to me, and we love each other. I don’t know what your intentions are. Are you trying to separate us again?”

Lee was still smoking and took her time to respond. “You’re a silly woman. You never change your mind and don’t listen to my advice. You and Charles won’t have a happy ending because a man like Charles is a curse to be married to. He is only suitable to have many mistresses. Or maybe if there is a person doomed to be with him, it is not you. You can’t control him!” She looked provocatively at Sarah.

Sarah sneered. “Not me? Then who do you think can control him? Emma?”

Lee smiled lightly. “Even Emma knows Charles better than you, and she knows how to deal with him.”

“What do you mean?”

Lee spread her hands out and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s easy. You’re a dull woman and don’t know how to control a man. Even if you can attract men by your arrogance at the beginning, they soon will get tired of you, especially a womanizer like Charles. As for Emma, she is younger than you, but she knows Charles much better than you. She absolutely knows how to attract Charles and maintain his interest in her. It’s that simple, but if you refuse to listen, you will lose miserably in the end. Silly woman!”

Hearing Emma’s name in connection with Charles’s name, Sarah got very angry, not to mention to hear that she couldn’t win against Emma. Raising her voice, she asked, “What do you mean? Do you have any evidence? Do you think of yourself as an expert on love? You know people better than everyone and know their future?”

Lee laughed out loud. “I’m no expert, but I have had many more boyfriends than you and have more experience with romantic relationships. I just give you some suggestions, but you are sillier and more stubborn than I expected. No matter how many times I talk to you, you won’t accept it. Well, now that you are hostile toward me, why should I persuade you? Just let it go!” She stood up with her cigarette between her fingers and walked away.


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