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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 98

Charles suddenly said, “If you appreciate me that much, I will let my future child study here under your guidance, but you must give him more love and resources than the others, or else I will blame you if he doesn’t turn out to be successful in life.”

“Successful? He'll be a giant! She laughed out loud. "But do you have a child?” She looked in surprise at Sarah, “Are you saying that… you are pregnant, Right?”

Sarah hurried to shake her hands and said, “No, don’t listen to him. We don't have a child yet, and I am not pregnant. Don’t listen to him!”

Charles quickly added. “We'll have one next year!”

Sarah poked him to stop him from talking.

Looking at their interaction, Charles's aunt laughed out and winked at him. “Your wife isn't even pregnant yet. You need to work harder!”

Charles grinned, “Don’t worry. Next time we will have it if I work hard every night.”

Sarah didn’t expect him to talk like that in front of an older lady and couldn't help but blush. His aunt laughed again.

Charles's aunt gave them a complete tour guide through the school. Sarah was impressed and thought that it was easily the best kindergarten school in Houston. Including the layout, facilities, and even the environment were great. There was probably a high tuition fee for parents to enroll their children here.

While thinking, Sarah listened to their conversation. “We charge ten thousand dollars for one year’s admission, so generally speaking, only high-class families can afford to send their children here.” Charles’s aunt was explaining.

Ten thousand dollars? That was more than Sarah had expected. That was near twice her salary. As a secretary, her salary had been just below fifty thousand dollars per year, which would have made it impossible for her to pay such high tuition fees. Would kids really learn the real value of money in this kind of environment, or would they grow up to be spoiled and thinking that they deserved everything without having to work for anything?

Sarah listened as the older lady continued. “The money is mainly used for educating and guiding the children, not for enjoyment. Students who come here cannot expect to be treated like a little lord as they are used to at home. We try our best to lead them to become independent and develop their own intelligence, equipped with skills and knowledge on how to apply what they have learned in their life. Most of the funds are used for educating and inspiring children’s potential.”

After pausing for a while, she continued. “As you know, many wealthy people are too busy to take good care of their children, and often leave them to be brought up by a nanny or babysitter, or others may ask the grandparents to come to help with their children. But the older generation’s concept of raising children is outdated compared to modern educational methods and today’s needs. What’s more, grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren too much, so how can they teach them proper behavior? The kids that come here to study receive a well-rounded education. After all, we have a great professional team that absorbs the quintessence of both traditional and modern education, which is why we can promise a good outcome.”


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