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A Warrior Undefeatable novel Chapter 1579

Speckles of light also rose from Norm's body, and he felt his spiritual energy disappear.

"No, no!" he yelled.

He tried to stop his spiritual energy from seeping out but to no avail.

Seeing that, Jared frowned and released a ray of golden light that enveloped Norm.

With the golden light shielding him, the remaining spiritual energy in Norm's body finally stopped draining out.

Immense spiritual energy began to gather in the air above the island.

"I can't let you have your way."

At the sight of that, Jared leaped into the air, and his body began glowing a bright, golden light. A faint layer of mist covered his fist.

"Sacred Light Fist!" he yelled, punching the stone statue.

I can't let this statue suck all the spiritual energy! Otherwise, even if there were hundreds of me, I would still be no match for that tiger demon!


However, following his punch, Jared was thrown back by a huge force of rebound energy.

There seemed to be something protecting the statue from all harm.

Tigris was still kneeling reverently before the statue, ignoring Jared's attacks.

A ray of light from the statue's forehead shone on Tigris.

Jared then grabbed his Dragonslayer Sword and swung it at Tigris with all his might.

Since I can't destroy that statue, I'll attack this tiger demon!

A golden dragon appeared and roared midair before charging toward Tigris with its mouth wide open.


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