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A Touch of Sweetness novel (Finnick and Vivian) novel Chapter 632

Quickening his pace, Benedict stared at the flowers in front of him. His gaze was filled with both delight and concern.

Delighted because Vivian had finally decided to open herself up emotionally given that she was willing to accept someone else's flowers. After all, it was considered a good start. However, he was worried that she might meet someone wrong and be hurt all over again.

"Vivian, who gave you the flowers?" Benedict asked the same question Larry did.

Shaking her head, Vivian explained, "I only accepted it because there was no way to decline. Ben, don't make too much out of it.”

Despite what she said, it was the first time he saw her bringing back a bouquet of flowers after so many years. Hence, it was understandable for him to be concerned given how much he cares about his sister.

Having approached her, Benedict solemnly reminded, "Vivian, if you have really met someone, don't hold yourself back. Remember to seize the opportunity to find happiness. I'll be behind you in whatever you do."

"Mmm-hmm." Vivian nodded as she was touched by his words. "I know, Ben."

"Does the person who gave you the flowers really not have a chance?" Benedict probed. "Can you tell me who it is? After all, it's my duty as your brother to look out for you."

Vivian couldn't help but smile at Benedict's question. "Ben, I promise you that if I really meet someone suitable, I will give it a chance. However," she looked at the flowers Larry was holding and shook her head before adding, "this man doesn't stand a chance. Hence, there's no need to introduce him to you."

As it was now obvious she didn't fancy the person who gave her the flowers, Benedict felt disappointed. Nevertheless, he still maintained his gentle smile. "Since it's not a possibility, let's stop talking about it. Come, it's time for dinner."

Although he had hoped that Vivian would meet someone new, forget the bitter memories from her time with Finnick, and find her own happiness, he knew it wasn't something that could be rushed. Most importantly, she had to have feelings for that person.

After grunting in acknowledgment, Vivian was both moved and relieved.

She had a good idea of what Benedict was thinking about. However, she knew he would never force her to do something that she wasn't willing to do. He really cares a lot about me.


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