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A Touch of Sweetness novel (Finnick and Vivian) novel Chapter 634

While she was speaking, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"What will you do?" Hunter was dying to ask her. This was the first time since they met that he saw her so worried about him.

However, the pain radiating through his body prevented him from doing so. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but feel a warm sensation envelope him. Given how worried she is, does it indicate that I mean something to her?

Holding that thought in mind, Hunter lost consciousness as he couldn't endure the waves of pain emanating throughout his body. Just when everything was about to go dark, he could still faintly hear Vivian calling out his name.

Why am I filled with happiness in such a moment? That was the last thought he had before he fainted.

The moment he regained his consciousness, Hunter furrowed his eyebrows. The sharp pain in his back caused the memories of what had just happened to flood back into his mind. Am I in the hospital?

After struggling to open his eyes, he realized that he was indeed there. In that case, where's Vivian? She must be terrified. She seemed to be choking before I lost consciousness. Was she crying?

Due to the location of his wound, he was lying face down on the bed. Hence, he was unable to see what was going on in the ward. He gently pushed himself to his side so that he could look around his surroundings.

"You're awake!" The moment he moved, he heard Vivian's delighted tone from behind. The next moment, she appeared before him looking all worried.

"How do you feel? Does it still hurt?" Vivian asked anxiously.

The doctor said that the wound wasn't deep and that he could be discharged after half a month's rest. Nevertheless, she was still concerned about him. Is he really alright after losing so much blood?

Shaking his head, Hunter tried his best to squeeze out a weak smile. "I... I'm fine."


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