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A Touch of Sweetness novel (Finnick and Vivian) novel Chapter 640

"What's wrong?" Hunter asked when he saw the puzzled look on Vivian's face.

"It's nothing." Vivian shook her head as she figured it was just her imagination. With that thought in mind, she looked toward Hunter. "Alright, we shouldn't walk for too long. Let's head back now."

"Mmm-hmm. Sure," Hunter replied as he returned to his ward with Vivian's help.

Finnick appeared from behind a tree after they had left.

Behind him, Noah pondered a moment before asking, "Mr. Norton, do you want to check in on Mrs. Norton?"

"There's no need to. Let's go." Just as he spoke, Finnick turned to leave, hiding the pain and

disappointment in his eyes.

When he arrived at his car, Finnick got in the back while Noah naturally seated himself in the driver's seat.

"Mr. Norton, where are we going next?" Noah asked as he was unable to figure out what was on Finnick's mind.

However, Finnick didn't respond. From the rearview mirror, Noah saw that he was buried deep in his thoughts.

After pondering for a moment, Noah looked up and asked, "Other than Vivian and Hunter, who else was together with them at the opera house?"

"Evelyn was also there," Noah replied. "Furthermore, I found out that it was she who invited Mrs. Norton to the opera house."

Before he finished, Noah regretted what he said due to the accusation insinuated by his words. Finnick would definitely think that Evelyn was behind the incident.

However, he had no choice but to report it as it is. Or else, it would only make Finnick suspicious.


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