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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 624

The next day, when Kenneth and Natasha headed downstairs for breakfast, Dave was already having breakfast in the dining hall.

Dave raised his gaze when they walked down the stairs, and his eyes met Kenneth's in the air.

However, the two remained silent. They acted like kids not talking to each other after a fight, completely different from their usual interaction.

After walking down the stairs, Natasha was the first to break the silence by saying, “Good morning.”

Dave shifted his gaze to Natasha and nodded. “Morning.”

Seeing that Kenneth had no intention of taking a seat, Natasha ignored him and sat by the dining table. Kenneth's brows scrunched up at that scene.

Then, Natasha raised her gaze and looked at him. “Take a seat. Aren't you having breakfast?”

Since Natasha had said so, Kenneth knew he didn't have a choice. He glanced at Dave before sitting down reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Dave remained composed and continued eating his breakfast while scrolling his phone. It was as if he was not bothered by Kenneth's presence.

Seeing that, Kenneth's frown deepened. Then, he also looked away and treated Dave like air.

Natasha could not stop her lips from curling in amusement while watching this scene. Despite being adults, the two were acting like children. It was hilarious.

Soon, the housekeeper served them their breakfast.

“Please enjoy.” The housekeeper left the dining hall right after serving breakfast.

Dave kept his gaze lowered all the time and did not even bother looking at them.

At the same time, Kenneth also focused on his breakfast, but his tense expression added more awkwardness to the atmosphere.

Natasha suddenly said, “Dave.”

Dave was startled and raised his gaze. “What's the matter?”

“I want to borrow your car,” Natasha said.

Dave stared at her. “Are you heading out?”

“Yup.” Natasha nodded.

Dave was about to say something, but Kenneth looked at Natasha and interrupted by asking, “Where are you going?”

Looking at the two men, Natasha said, “After losing my phone, I ordered another, and the new phone has arrived. I want to go and collect it.”

“Where is it?”

“Where is it?”

Dave and Kenneth asked the same question at the same time.

Almost immediately, they realized they were in sync and looked at each other.

Natasha also looked at them. “You guys are quite in sync.”

“No way.”

“No way!”

Again, they denied that in unison.

Kenneth frowned this time and looked at Dave. “Can you stop mimicking me?”

“You're the one mimicking me!” Dave exclaimed.

“I—” Kenneth was at a loss for words for a moment. Then, he put his arm around Natasha and said, “She's my woman, so it's only natural that I'm talking to her!”

Dave refused to admit defeat. “But your woman talked to me first. Also, she was asking me a question instead of talking to you.”

Kenneth could not find the words to refute.

The two glared at each other in silence.

Natasha finally could not hold back her laughter. She chuckled, yet that simple gesture emanated a sense of charm and allure.

Kenneth furrowed his brows when she chuckled. “Nat, what are you laughing at?”

Natasha looked at them smilingly. “You two remind me of Anthony and Benjamin when you fight.”

Kenneth and Dave were both rendered speechless by her remark.

After being teased by Natasha, the two exchanged a glance. There was a hint of embarrassment in their gazes.


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