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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 630

Thalia nodded at him. “Yes, I'm feeling much better.”

Spencer picked up the needle and the other tools at the side before turning back to Thalia. In a somber voice, he said, “Roll up your sleeve.”

Thalia was confused, but she still obediently did as he said.

Spencer leaned forward to tie her thin arm. Right as the needle was about to pierce into her vessel, he halted.

Lifting his head to look at Thalia, he said, “It might hurt a little.”

The confused look Thalia had earlier was replaced by a smile. “Okay, I got it.”

Spencer lowered his eyes after seeing her smile. He then inserted the needle and soon extracted a vial of blood.

Then, he took a cotton ball to press down on the insertion site before pulling out the needle.

“Hold it there for a while so that you won't bruise,” Spencer said.

Thalia reached out to press it down herself, but her fingers accidentally brushed Spencer's. An electric current ran up her arm.

Spencer quickly let go of her and stood up.

It was not his first time avoiding her, so Thalia was used to his reaction.

“Did you experience any discomfort for the past two days?” Spencer asked.

Thalia ruminated about it for a while before answering, “My heart hurts sometimes.”

Spencer snapped his brows together upon hearing that. “Your heart hurts sometimes? When did this start?”

As he spoke, he grabbed the stethoscope to listen to her heartbeat.

Thalia sat still in silence.

After a while, Spencer asked, “The rhythm of your heartbeat sounds fine. How does the pain feel like? How long has it been hurting?”

Thalia stared at him for a while before muttering, “It happened recently. I don't know why, but every time I think about you, it feels like something is stabbing my heart.”

Her words rendered Spencer speechless.

The worried expression he had earlier transformed into an awkward look.

When Anthony and Benjamin heard her, they quickly averted their gazes with a smile on their faces, trying to pretend that they heard nothing.

Thalia was short-tempered, but she had quite the silver tongue when it came to saying sweet nothings. It felt as if she was a whole different person.

Spencer raked his gaze across the boys before glancing at Kenneth, who was outside. When Kenneth noticed his gaze, he lowered his gaze and pretended to have heard nothing as well. Spencer then turned to Thalia and said, “Rest well. Exercise, but don't overdo it. I have something else to attend to, so I'll take my leave first.” With that said, he stood up to leave.

Right then, Thalia grabbed his hand, and Spencer turned around.

“I know you're busy, but no matter how busy you are, you have to take care of yourself.”

Spencer blinked in a daze before nodding.

It was only then Thalia let go of him.

Spencer rose to his feet again and went out.

Thalia smiled at his retreating figure.

Even after the man was gone, Thalia still did not return to her senses.

Anthony then reached out to wave his hand in front of her face. “That's enough. He's gone already, so stop pining after him.”

Thalia finally tore her eyes away from the door and shot Anthony a look. “What do you even know? Who's pining after who?”

“You're pining after him, obviously,” Anthony retorted.

Thalia pursed her lips and said, “That's because Spencer's handsome.”

Hearing that, Anthony and Benjamin nearly burst into laughter.


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