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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 640

Liya woke up in the morning and was listless. She felt nauseous and sick when brushing her teeth. She frowned. She wanted to go out and have some fun, but she was tired. After brushing her teeth, she climbed back to bed and went back to sleep.

Liya only got up at noon. The moment she reached the corridor, she heard a voice. Liya stopped in her tracks and hid behind the walls of the corridor. Then, she stretched her neck and peeped outside, only to see Trevor and Marissa accompanying a beautiful woman as they walked towards the dining hall of the Ink Garden.

Only then did she find out that Ink Garden had a guest again.

Richards Manor was indeed wealthy. Every guest here was nobler and more beautiful than the last. Liya hid in the corner of the wall and secretly admired them.

It was almost lunchtime. Liya didn't plan to dine at Richards Manor anymore. Hence, she returned to the guest room to get a bag and walked out.

Liya went to a high-end restaurant and ordered her favorite food. She was ready to enjoy a good


The fragrant dishes were served. Liya picked up her fork and spoon and was ready to have a good meal.

As soon as she put the aromatic and spicy beef into her mouth, she felt revolted. Liya covered her mouth with her hand and quickly ran to the bathroom.

Lying on the stone platform in the bathroom, she started to vomit all over the place.

She was so sick that she felt weak and dizzy. Then, she walked out of the bathroom.

Yet, when she went to the table again, she couldn't eat the delicious food she usually enjoyed most.

What was going on? She was really confused.

Could it be a cold?

Liya carried her bag and walked out.

"Mr. Richards, please stay here for a few days!" In a five-star suite in Capital City, a man dressed in a black work suit informed Hansen respectfully and politely.

Hansen swept his bright eyes across the room and pursed his lips. "Thank you."

"Mr. Richards, you should stay here and rest for a few days. Do wait for our update." The man in black bowed to him and was about to leave.

Hansen turned his head and raised his high-arched eyebrows. "May I ask who your boss is? Why does he want to help me?"

After hearing this, the man in black chuckled slightly and answered, "Mr. Richards, my boss..."

"He is very concerned about you. You don't need to ask about it, and you'll know when it's time."

Hansen's handsome face darkened and his bright eyes moved around slightly. The unfathomable expression of the black-clothed man caused his heart to palpitate a little.

Yesterday, Hansen was taken to an office in Capital City by Sergio. This afternoon, someone sent him here. What did that mean?

The man in black was definitely not Sergio's man. Hansen knew this well. So, who could it be?

Hansen smiled. He would cross the bridge when he got there.

He put down his bag and walked into the bathroom.

Soaked in the warm and comfortable bathtub, Hansen's whole body relaxed, and the tiredness and sleepiness disappeared. After taking a bath, he put on a clean bathrobe, and his mind was much clearer.

He took out the shaver to fix his unkempt beard. He slightly tidied up his black and shiny hair that was still dripping with water. His pale skin, the white bathrobe, with his slender and tall figure made him look more like a noble in a Renaissance painting. Hansen's masculine charm was irresistible, and now he was no longer an immature youth. The mature man's aura exuded from him, and his charisma soared to the extreme.

Hansen slowly walked to the edge of the couch, sat down, leaned back, and crossed his legs. He pulled out his special cell phone and was ready to call his wife.

The day before yesterday, he promised her that he would come back to see her the day before, but he broke his promise. This woman must be very anxious.

Hansen dialed a few phone numbers lightly.

However, the doorbell rang.

He hung up the phone and opened the door.

"Sir, this is your exquisite romantic dinner. Please enjoy it." Several waiters were standing in front of the door with all kinds of Western food in their hands.

Romantic dinner? What the h*lI!

Hansen looked suspiciously at the exquisite Western food in the waiter's hands and looked at the waiter in front of him with doubt.

These waiters had probably never seen such a noble and handsome man before. One by one, they couldn't help but to fix their gazes on Hansen's face.

Hansen coughed lightly. "Waiter, who is it that sent this over?"

"Oh." The lead waiter blushed and hurriedly withdrew his eyes. Then, he responded, "Sir, this is a complimentary meal from the hotel."

So, that was how it was.

"Then, send it in." When Hansen heard that it was a complimentary meal from the hotel, he did not ask any further. Instead, he opened the door.

The waiters served the Western food on the bar counter in the room one by one.

"Please enjoy your meal," The waiter spoke politely and went out.

Hansen's high- arched brows relaxed as he approached the meal.

It was typical French cuisine with an authentic bottle of French red wine at the side. It looked very romantic and appealing. He smiled slightly.

Hansen took out the phone and dialed the number again.

As soon as the phone rang, Jenna picked it up.


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