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Super Sweetheart of the CEO Daddy novel Chapter 757

M —ary Ann was flying in front of him. Leo stood at the entrance, His tall and straight stature was like a sculpture, he did not move for a long time. His deep eyes firmly locked onto the petite figure that had disappeared from the registration entrance.

It was helpless to let her out of his sight, but this was the only way for a person to grow up.

Leo William followed closely behind Mary Ann and took a plane back home. Lying down on the first class seat, Leo William cleared his mind, previously, what occupied his mind were the data from the company. But at that moment, he only wanted to leave himself alone.

In his mind, a chaotic scene flashed past, causing Leo William to suddenly clench his fist tightly.

Last night, even though his memories were blurry, Leo William was still able to feel that soft and fragrant body, to the point that he couldn't let go of it.

When Mary Ann returned to her country, she wore a mask and walked out with a suitcase in a very low profile. Her long hair covered her face, hiding her facial features.

Agreeing to condition that separate from Leo William was as painful as cutting meat. She was not able to meet him, She was not able to speak with him, she was not able to see his figure, and she was not able to hear his voice, was this punishment to her? It was even more heartbreaking and painful than beating and scolding.

Mary Ann still agreed to it, because she was afraid that if she continued to make trouble, that man would really leave her.

"Hurry up, it's Mary Ann. I'm sure it's her. I recognize the clothes she's wearing." Suddenly, a woman pushed her colleague and pointed towards the exit.

The two of them quickly put down the bowl of instant noodles in their hands and rushed over.

When Mary Ann saw the few people coming towards her, she panicked. She immediately wanted to escape, but there was only one exit., no matter how she tried to escape, the other party would be able to stop her.

"Mary Ann, may I ask if Leo William is really your boyfriend? When did you two get together? Can you tell me? " a battle -hardened reporter came forward and immediately asked Mary Ann a question about Mary Ann's relationship.

Mary Ann was not in a good mood right now, so when she was questioned, her voice was not too good either: "Apologies, you blocked my path, can you please step aside?"

"Mary Ann, don't go yet, we are all very curious about how you managed to get the Great Young Master to fall for you. You seem to be very affectionate abroad, are you preparing to get married?" The other party saw that Mary Ann was alone and did not have any helpers by her side, so she wanted to use this method to force her to answer some questions, to block her path, and not let her go.

Mary Ann's emotions were already in disarray, she did not expect these people to be so unreasonable, and immediately became angry: "Can you guys stop asking? This is my personal relationship, I have no obligation to answer you, please quickly leave."

"You don't look too good, why? Is there something wrong with your relationship? " The reporter seemed to be unable to hear Mary Ann's angry words, and still raised the microphone in front of her, wanting to hear some controversial answers.

Mary Ann was suddenly angered, she immediately grabbed the other party's microphone and threw it to the side: "Have you guys done yet, I'm also a human, you guys are acting too excessively like this."

When Mary Ann raised her head, the reporters were all stunned. They saw that Mary Ann's eyes were swollen like two peaches.

"Don't be angry. We are only concerned about you and want to know how your relationship is progressing." The reporters were stunned for a moment after microphones were hit by Ann. However, they did not feel bad about destroying a hundred of these little things. They were afraid that they would not be able to get anything useful out of it.


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