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Crises in Love novel Chapter 573

In the array of distinct standalone homes perched atop the platform, Irving showed us the most character of the bunch.

The view was magnificent, with an expansive swimming pool hugging the platform's edge, merging seamlessly with the sky. It was a prime slice of heaven, nestled between the rolling hills and a private garden terrace.

This place was a tad cozier than the Serene Garden Homes, but the vistas were breathtaking. One could gaze down upon the quaint corner of Goldenvale Town, with the endless ocean stretching to the east.

Irving had been watching my reactions closely. Now, seeing me leaning on the railing and looking out into the distance, he strolled over with a grin, "Ms. Wilburn, how do you feel about it?"

"Pretty impressive! Wide-open views, pleasant scenery, and over there..." I gestured towards the mountain range behind the villa, "Is it safe?"

"You can count on that." Irving assured me, "Even though we're up here at Hilltop Retreats, we've got plans for development. There's no blind spot in our security. This mountain range is all under security surveillance, no hidden dangers."

"How on earth did you snag this place?" I asked with feigned admiration, "I'm not keen on moving house all the time."

Irving chuckled, "Every chicken has its path, as they say. In business, who doesn't have their connections?" He handed me a set of keys, "Make yourself at home."

"I’d like pay for it myself," I said, taking the keys.

"If our deal goes through, consider it part of your annual cut. This one's just for you," Irving whispered.

"And if it doesn't?" I teased, though my expression betrayed my jest.

"Then you can pay for it yourself," Irving replied with a meaningful smile.

"Deal!" I pocketed the keys without hesitation, feigning contentment, "I'll have someone come tidy up in the next few days. Finally, a place to call my own."

"I've got a flight to Silverdale City tomorrow. Are you heading back?" Irving asked relaxed after seeing me secure the keys.

"Not just yet. I still need to check in at Medsafe Liyah Inc.," I replied nonchalantly.

"Maybe we could continue discussing the partnership with Medsafe Liyah Inc.?" Irving hinted, seeing an opportunity.

"Give me a break. Jaylan has turned Medsafe Liyah Inc. upside down. I need to catch my breath and set things straight," I replied with a legitimate reason.

I thought to myself, “Medsafe Liyah Inc.? Don't even think about it. There's no way I'm leaving any loose ends this time.”

"I've left it all in the hands of a former associate. My main focus now is on Silverdale City, even my dad's protested." I said with a smile, giving him a playful glance, "Sometimes, it really is hard to be in two places at once."

Gevena's call couldn't have been better timed. I made sure Irving heard, "Gevena, I'll be done here shortly. You go ahead, and I'll be right there."

After I hung up, Irving asked casually, "Mrs. Atwood?"


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