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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 130

Zachary finally felt the benefits of being married.

He left for work with the insulated lunch box.

While on the way to the office in the car, he savored the breakfast that his wife prepared for him with love.

He ate it with much gusto and felt satisfied.

The driver and the bodyguard who sat in the same car as Zachary were a little puzzled. The breakfast Serenity prepared was extremely simple, yet the picky Zachary relished it. Perhaps, Serenity’s cooking skills were excellent.

After Zachary left, Serenity routinely called her sister and left the house knowing that her sister was fine.

When she got out, it was already rush hour, so there was traffic congestion which eventually got heavier as she was halfway into her journey.

Many who were rushing for work were feeling utterly anxious till they almost went berserk.

Elisa Stone was one of them.

While her brother and sister-in-law were behaving lovey-dovey during breakfast, Elisa quietly slipped out of the house and secretly packed some breakfast for Zachary. She had the chef at home specially make it. Then, she cut a large bunch of fresh flowers from her garden and wrapped them up.

Carrying the bouquet and the breakfast prepared with love, Elisa left for Zachary’s office. She wanted to arrive before he entered the building, so she could stop his car the old-school way and hand him the breakfast she had carefully prepared.

Although everyone including her sister-in-law persuaded her to forget about Zachary, Elisa was unwilling to give up without a fight.

If Elisa could forget Zachary, then she would have done so a long time ago. However, after all this time she still could not bring herself to forget him, she thought of giving it a shot.

She would only give up if she failed to win over his heart after three to five years.

Presently, the traffic reached a gridlock. As she watched the fleeting minutes, Elisa grew more anxious.

If she continued to be stuck, Zachary would have started work by the time she arrived at York Corporation. Then, it would be for naught to brace through the morning traffic.

No, Elisa could not wait like this.

Elisa called her bodyguard and informed him of the location of her car parked by the side of the road. She asked him to bring the spare key from home to drive her car back.


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