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Daddy, Chasing Mommy Back is On Us! novel Chapter 23

There were people who could easily command attention with their voice, and Pierre Fowler was one of them.

Everyone in the store could not help but look at him.

At the entrance, he showed up looking smart and elegant in activewear. The moment he stepped into the store, the air around him seemed to have frozen.

He strolled over to Selena and put his arm around her shoulders. “Are you okay?”

Her left cheek was swollen and red from the slap, but even her right cheek was flushed now. In that instance, everything around her felt surreal.

“I’m fine.”

“How could you be fine? Your cheek is swollen.”

Upon seeing the man, Finneas perked up and observed him. Despite the man’s authoritative aura, Finneas straightened his back due to his inflated ego and scoffed. With Selena Yard’s background and personality, how good could her man be?

He coughed and interrupted them, “Well, well, I didn’t expect you to get a new partner in no time! You’re loose indeed.” As if that was not enough, he shot Selena a disdainful look.

Soon, he turned his focus onto Pierre and advised, “This gentleman here, do not get bewitched by the appearance of this woman. She was in a relationship with me for many years, but as soon as I was not around, she instantly seduced and slept with another man. She even got pregnant with his child! Look out. Do not get cuckolded.”

“Ah, I heard some dog barking.” Pierre’s eyes never left Selena, not even to take a look at Finneas.

The latter instantly turned red in shame and anger. “Who are you referring to? Here I am, dishing out sincere advice, but you dismissed my kindness. Hmph, could you have been the man she slept with? You’re an adulterous couple indeed! What a ‘great’ match!”

Holly Adams, the manager of the Forever Gown flagship store, came down from the stairs to check on the situation. She received clarification of the incident last time, and she was also aware that the sophisticated man introduced by Selena was the president of JNS Corporation. Therefore, she quickly walked up to him upon his arrival.

“President Fowler, you’re here.”

Finneas and Megan’s faces instantly fell.

President? What president?


Holly flashed a light smile at Finneas. “I’m the store manager, and this man here is the president of JNS Corporation. Sir, Madam, if you need any assistance, please call for my attention. The day-to-day operations in this store are not under the purview of our president.”

Next, she addressed the other staff in the store. “Please continue your work. Stop standing there and watching.”

Under her orders, all the staff quickly returned to their positions.

Megan had previously been in touch with Holly, and the wedding gown she ordered was directly handled by Holly as well. Of course she could recognize Holly out of the other staff.

“That’s impossible! I clearly heard that…” Megan blurted out but stopped herself in time.

Last time, she clearly overheard Selena’s conversation with this mysterious man, and learned that he was merely an imposter. How did he turn out to be the actual president of JNS Corporation?

“Miss Yard, this is the real president of our brand. Please don’t make things difficult for me. I’ve only been promoted to store manager a few days ago, and I do not wish to lose my job right away. You agree, don’t you?”

“I believe I’ve been introduced to you before.” Pierre shot an icy look at Megan, and Finneas did the same to her. Feeling wronged, she attempted to explain herself, “Finneas, I…”

Finneas’s reflex was instantaneous. He flashed an awkward but polite smile at Pierre. “This is a huge misunderstanding! I didn’t recognize that you’re the president, and I foolishly fought against one of our own!”


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