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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 126

After midnight, the sky hovering over Ocpeace City was covered by dark clouds and there was heavy rain.

The black car drove intoYoreast Hillsand entered the Yoreast Hills Garden in the heavy rain. It then stopped in front of the villa. The maid came out from the villa to welcome them with umbrellas.

"Boom!" Deafening thunder sounded through the rain.

"Mr. Theodore..."

As soon as the car door opened, Theodore got out of the car without waiting for the butler, George, to speak. Despite the heavy rain, he strode towards the villa.

George hurriedly followed Theodore with the umbrella. As soon as he entered the villa, he asked the maids to bring a towel and warm water. "Go and make some ginger tea so that Mr. Theodore will not catch a cold."

"Yes, sir."

As soon as Theodore entered the house, he looked upstairs and asked, "Where is my mother?"

"Madam Madison is asleep." George hung the umbrella on the umbrella stand. He took the clean white towel from the maid and handed it to Theodore. " Mr. Theodore, use this to wipe yourself down."

Theodore did not take the towel. His face flashed with some mixed emotions. He walked straight to the living room and sat on the sofa, his face uneasy.

George hesitated for a moment and glanced at the maid, who was serving tea from the corner of his eye. He gestured for the maid to leave and brought the tea to the coffee table himself. He asked carefully, "Mr. Theodore, it's late and raining heavily. Why are you here? Is there something urgent?"

Theodore was not close to Mrs. Godfrey. He was raised by his grandmother, Helen, since he was a child. Even after returning to Ocpeace City, he never stayed with Mrs. Godfrey and had been on his own. Only after taking over the Godfrey family business and getting engaged to the Bailey family did he make regular trips here, but he only stayed for meals.

It was the first time that he had made an unexpected visit.

Theodore glanced at the teacup on the table. It was made of porcelain, with each exquisite pattern delicately designed. The rim of the cup was gold-plated.

Mrs. Godfrey was meticulous towards making her life extravagant and no one could tell her otherwise. However, Theodore was repulsed by this trait since he was young, as if all the people and things around her were merely tools to her.

"Grandma's birthday is just around the corner. There's something that I need to discuss with her." Theodore's voice was low and there weren't any emotions in it. As he spoke, his voice echoed throughout the large living room.

George looked puzzled. If it really was for Madam Scott's birthday, why did he come at this hour? Why did he choose to come this late in the heavy rain?

Although he was confused, George did not dare to ask more.

It was almost two in the morning. The maids in the villa were yawning discreetly. Theodore did not let anyone go upstairs to ask for Mrs. Godfrey. He just sat in the living room and waited for her.

George could not stand it anymore. He called a maid over and said in a low voice, "Go upstairs and knock on the door. See if Madam Madison is sound asleep. If she is not, tell her that Mr. Theodore is here."

The maid nodded and went upstairs.

Inside the living room, Theodore lowered his head as he sipped his tea. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the maid going upstairs. His eyes narrowed.

Not long after, the maid walked down and carefully looked at the living room before she spoke to George. They were far away so those in the living room could not hear them. While they spoke, George looked up at the living room with a troubled expression.

After George dismissed the maid, he returned to the living room.

"Mr. Theodore, I have sent someone upstairs to take a look. Madam Madison is sound asleep. If it's not urgent, why don't you speak to her about Madam Scott's birthday once the sun is up?"

"It's okay. I'll wait here."

Theodore's expression did not change at all. He placed his cup down and picked up an art magazine. Under the light of the chandelier hanging over his head, his face appeared stoic.


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