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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 134

Everleigh remained silent for a long time.

Although the Trevino family was a reputable family in Ocpeace City and there were also many conflicts in the family, Everleigh and Selena had never wished to inherit the Trevino Group since young. In addition, their father had protected them well, therefore they did not encounter many conflicts.

On the phone, Christopher said, "If this was a game of chess, both sides have lost one general, but there is still one left. Therefore, they will need to move very carefully."

After a long time, Everleigh slowly exhaled a sigh of relief as she listened to Christopher's words clearly in the dark room.

"I understand."

Everleigh hung up the phone and held it tight as she leaned back against the bed. She did not lay down to rest for a long time; instead, her eyes were fixed on the TV wall on the opposite side, but they were not focused and seemed lost.

Apparently, the Godfrey family was not as peaceful as the public thought. All the members of the family were not easy to deal with.

She had no interest in creating chaos in the Godfrey family. However, if she wanted to investigate what happened seven years ago, she had no choice but to stir chaos. The more chaotic the situation was, the better it would be.

The next afternoon, the scorching sun was bright.

The swimming lesson was held during the hottest time at noon. After lunch, Everleigh took the two children to the swimming pool.

Adrienne sat in the back seat, shaking her legs along the way as she held a packet of candy in one hand and hummed a song; it was as if she was going on a road trip.

"Why are you so happy? I thought you disliked swimming?" Everleigh could not help but ask her.

When they were abroad, Adrienne took up swimming lessons and it almost killed her. She made up many excuses to escape from the lessons, such as pain in her arms, her legs, her stomach, and various other excuses.

That day, she not only finished her lunch quickly, but she also took the initiative to pack up her swimsuit herself. After tidying up, she kept urging them to leave. It really was bizarre that she would behave that way.

"I don't dislike swimming," Adrienne denied. She chewed her candy and said, "It's too hot today. Mommy, will you come with us to the swimming pool every weekend in the future?"

"If I'm free, I'll keep you company, but if I'm working overtime, then Christopher will keep you both company."

"It's okay, it's okay," Adrienne waved her hand and said, "Don't trouble Christopher. Mommy, you can accompany us when you are free. If you don't have the time, I can come by myself with Alastair."

"You're so well- behaved?" Everleigh was a little surprised and looked at her daughter in the rearview mirror with a smile. "Since you're so well-behaved, then I'll reward each of you with an ice cream after the swimming lesson."

"Really?" Adrienne's eyes lit up when she heard the words 'ice cream'.

"Of course. When have I ever lied to you?"

The car turned into the underground parking lot of the swimming pool. After Everleigh parked her car, she took the two children's swimming equipment and took them upstairs to meet the coach.

In fact, when Alastair was abroad, he had learned to swim a long time ago and he was quite good at it. However, his sister was a burden to him, therefore he could only accompany her as a training partner.

In the locker room, Everleigh changed Adrienne into her swimsuit. "I'm done! Mommy, I'll go out first!"

"Okay, don't run too far. Go find your brother and coach."

"Okay, I know. Mommy, hurry up and come out."

Adrienne slipped on her pink strawberry sandals and ran out immediately after saying that.

Everleigh turned her head with a smile and took out her swimsuit from her bag. After turning it over a few times, her hands, which were holding the bag, shook slightly and her face froze.

She had packed her conservative swimsuit and threw it in the bag in the morning, but it was missing. Only a black polka-dot bikini was in the bag.


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