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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 136

Everleigh did not understand the meaning of Theodore's words.

Theodore did not look at her. He had a heavy expression on his face; it was a look that could make one feel breathless.

"You don't have any evidence, so how do you know?" Everleigh hesitated for a moment before she asked.

Since those people in the police station denied that they were instructed by Mrs. Godfrey, it meant that she must have done many things without leaving any evidence behind. How could Theodore be so sure without any evidence?

"You don't have to worry about it. It will never happen again in the future."

Everleigh, who had just relaxed, heard what he said and frowned again. She said in a casual tone that carried a hint of ridicule, "How can you guarantee that?"

It was not difficult to understand the mother-son relationship of the Godfrey family. Not to mention, Christopher, who was part of her circle, helped her to investigate.

Theodore and Madison's characters did not match, and they did not interact much with each other either. It was because of Theodore and Josephine's engagement that they had frequent interaction with each other these past few years.

Because of Mrs. Godfrey's position in the Godfrey family, Theodore could not challenge her directly. How would he have the confidence to stop Mrs. Godfrey from doing what she wanted?

Theodore said, "I have my ways. In short, no matter what my mother told you or did to you, it will never happen again."

"What about the incidents that happened in the past? Do you mean that I should not investigate them any further?"

Everleigh's angry expression made Theodore's face freeze slightly. After a while, he said solemnly, "For your own good, do not pursue them anymore. Do you think that just because you are backed by the Meyer family, you can act rashly? I do not see the Meyer family doing anything for you."

Theodore suddenly brought up the Meyer family and Everleigh bristled with sourness.

She frowned and said, "It's my own business."

"Is that so? It's quite interesting for two people who are married to each other to be uninvolved when something happens to one of them. If it was me, I would..."

Theodore had only finished half of his sentence when he suddenly realized something and stopped abruptly.

Everleigh looked at him. When she saw that he did not continue, she was dumbfounded. She soon realized the implications of his words. Her face slightly stiffened and she instantly felt as if her air had been taken away. It was so quiet that it was awkward.

"Let's talk."

Theodore suddenly looked at her sternly.

Everleigh clenched the water bottle in her hand. Since he appeared at the swimming pool all of a sudden, she vaguely guessed what he had wanted to talk about and replied, "Okay."

There was a coffee shop one floor down from the swimming pool. The people who went there were mainly people who came to swim or exercise. At that time, they were either in the gym or at the swimming pool, therefore the coffee shop was empty.

Everleigh and Theodore sat opposite each other in the corner and listened to the soft violin music in the cafe. It was melodious and relaxing, suitable for such an afternoon.

"An iced latte, please. Thank you."

"What about you, sir?"

"An Americano."

"Okay, please wait for a moment."

Seven years after she returned, many things had changed, and so did many people. The resentment in her heart was still there and it was the first time that they could sit down like this and talk peacefully.

The air- conditioner in the cafe was very strong. Everleigh's hair was wet and hung on her shoulders. She did not look old without makeup on her face but on the contrary, she looked similar to how she looked when she was still a student.


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