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Fake Daughter Is Rich Again? novel Chapter 123

Qiao Chen bit on her lips as her face turned pale. She refused to apologize.

Her friends tried to protect her and said, "It's just a mistake. Must you be so insistent?"

Liang Bowen couldn't stand it anymore and said, "You guys created such a big ruckus in our class. It's our right to ask for an apology."

"That's right."

The other students from Class A exclaimed, "Apologize! Otherwise, we are not letting this slide."

"You guys are incapable of looking after your bracelet. You even accused one of us of stealing it. We have proven that the bracelet isn't yours, why are you not apologizing?"

Qiao Chen had never been so insulted before.

She looked at Qiao Nian and thought that she would forgive her like last time.

But all she saw was a cold expression. It was obvious that she wouldn't compromise today.

Just as she was hesitating.

Qiao Nian spoke, "You can choose not to apologize, but I will ask Principal Yu to settle it for us."

Principal Yu was taking the professor from Qing University around the school right now!

There were rumors that important people of the city were here too to attend his lecture later.

She was the most famous person in First High School, the only student that managed to get a guaranteed spot in Ren Yi.

The professor was invited by Fu Ge too. What would he think of her if he saw that she was arguing over a bracelet?


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