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Fake Daughter Is Rich Again? novel Chapter 127

They walked towards the lecture hall merrily.

They were complimenting Shen Qiongzhi and Madam Fu as the attention was on Qiao Chen and Fu Ge today.

One was a young and capable guy that got into Qing University. He even managed to convince a professor from Qing University to give a lecture at First High School.

The other was multi-talented and was even guaranteed to be famous. She was like a celebrity with the things she did on social media.

Hence, because of them, Madam Fu and Shen Qiongzhi were at the center of attention among the ladies.

Qiao Chen came after the call.

"Mom, Aunt Fu. I'm sorry for being late. I was in class.

Are you guys heading to the lecture hall? Let me bring you there."

She was eloquent in her speech, with the whole set of clothes from Seven. They were from the upper class and could tell it immediately. They were impressed.

They praised. "You must be Chen Chen. You're so pretty. No wonder Second Young Master Fu was attracted to you, I would be attracted to you as well."

Madam Fu smiled, but she didn't respond.

Her attitude didn't change.

She wasn't going to admit or deny the relationship.

In fact, she felt that Qiao Chen wasn't a good match for the Fu family.

However, because of her son and the Qiao Family's recent growth, she couldn't express her thoughts.

They walked towards the lecture hall.

Coincidentally, Qiao Nian and the rest of Class A were heading towards the lecture hall as well.

They met.

Qiao Chen was humiliated just now. Hence, she had a strange look on her face when she saw Qiao Nian.

Shen Qiongzhi's and Madam Fu's faces changed as well.


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