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Fake Daughter Is Rich Again? novel Chapter 129

Ye Wangchuan saw her reply and smiled uncontrollably.

He even turned to look at the students in the lecture hall.

The person next to him was shocked by his sudden action and turned as well. But all he saw were students.

What was this guy looking for?

Qiao Nian didn't want to sit in the first row. But Qiao Chen was seated in the third row because she was from the Qiao family. Hence, other students were jealous when they saw her.

"Sister Nian, Qiao Chen is seated in the third row."

Cheng Yuan said softly, "The Qiao family are a bunch of idiots. There are so many people today, but only they would allow their relatives to sit with them. They're a bunch of show-offs. They must have thought that they're outstanding because of this!

"They can't understand that their behavior right now is unacceptable to the powerful. Even Fu Ge's mom didn't want to sit with them, yet they are behaving so proudly."

Qiao Nian already knew that Qiao Chen was seated in the front. She kept her phone after replying to the messages and said nonchalantly, "Qiao Chen has been like that for her whole life. You must have known already."

Cheng Yuan scoffed with disdain. "That's true."

"I just find that they're a bunch of idiots!

"They should have known about the scarcity mindset. No wonder they couldn't be considered as a part of the upper echelon of society!"

When you compare their behavior to the Fu and Tang families, who were richer and more powerful than them, they would have never done that. They were dressed to the nines and wanted everyone to pay attention to them.


The professor from Qing university finally revealed himself after the principal finished his opening speech.


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