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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 629

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Gu Jingze immediately walked out with Lin Che.

Lin Che carried Prince in her arms. His young and innocent face made her feel even more scared.

She could only pray in her heart that nothing would happen to Prince.

It was her first time having a pet and she really did not wish for it to die in her hands.

She also did not know exactly what she did wrong. Did she give something bad for Prince to eat or what exactly happened? Why would Prince suddenly fall sick?

That night, that animal hospital they frequented was suddenly surrounded by the Gu family’s personnel.

Usually, Lin Che would think that this was too exaggerated. Now, she only wanted Prince to get better and she couldn’t care less about anything else.

When she entered, she ran in and said, “Doctor, Doctor! Quick help me out. Did our Prince eat something bad? Why is he like this…”

The vet was inside putting on his clothes. He was already off work and only came out for emergencies. Now, he suddenly heard some commotion outside and he saw that the Gu family personnel were all outside. It seemed very urgent and he did not dare to hesitate. He quickly put on his white coat and walked out.

Prince was placed on the examination table. The vet pressed and observed as Prince continued to whimper. He sounded miserable.

The vet inspected the dog, then looked up and said, “We have to quickly do an X-Ray and ultrasound for Prince. It looks like there might be internal bleeding.”

“Ah… How come?”

Lin Che heard this and her heart palpitated.

The vet replied, “He must have had a big impact. We have to examine him first.”

The vet carefully brought Prince to check up.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze stayed by Prince’s side.

Gu Jingze put an arm around Lin Che’s shoulder so that she could lean on him.

“It’s okay. It’ll be fine. If it’s very serious, he shouldn’t be able to make a sound. No matter what, we will get him treated.”

Lin Che leaned against him and listened to his words. Her heart seemed to calm down gradually.

Gu Jingze was a lot more observant than she was. If he said so, it must have been because he had already observed the situation.

Her trust towards Gu Jingze was already beyond the limits of her own logic.

She always felt that whatever he said must be right.

After a while, the vet brought Prince back.

Lin Che hastily asked, “How is he?”

The vet said, “There is indeed internal bleeding and we might have to operate on him now. There is a small issue with his gut area.”

“What… An operation…”

Lin Che really wanted to faint. He actually needed an operation.

He was still so little…

Lin Che said, “Okay, operate on him immediately. But will there be any danger?”

The vet looked at the dog’s posture and already did not dare to tell any lies. He could only wipe his sweat as he said, “All operations have risks, especially when the dog is this small. However, if we don’t do the operation, he will definitely die.”

“Okay… I trust you. Doctor, please proceed with the operation quickly.”


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