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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1 He Wanted to Divorced Me When I Was Pregnant

The sound of rushing water came from the bathroom. Shawn was taking a shower.

Norah grabbed the quilt and got up from the bed. Thinking of what happened last night, her face flushed.

Although they were already husband and wife, she still felt shy each time after they had sex.

The sound of the water stopped, and Shawn walked out with a bath towel around his waist.

She handed him his clothes and said, "Breakfast is ready, I'll wait for you to eat it together downstairs."


Norah went downstairs. She carefully took out a cake from the refrigerator and placed it in the middle of the dining table.

She was holding a pregnancy test sheet in her hand, and her heart was thumping because she was nervous.

Today was their second wedding anniversary, and she was thinking about telling him about her pregnancy. Norah was nervous and also looking forward to telling him.

Shawn had already changed his clothes and came down. He was wearing a hand-made black suit, which made him elegant and charming.

After breakfast, Norah grasped the test sheet in her hand, took a deep breath, and said nervously, "Shawn, I have something to tell you."

"Good. I also want to talk to you."

"You go first."

Shawn stood up, took out the document from the drawer, and slowly handed it to Norah with his slender fingers.

"This is the divorce agreement. Read it if you have time."

Norah was caught off guard. She used all her strength to keep herself from falling down.

She took in a deep breath. The air going in her mouth slashed her like a knife.

Did he say divorce agreement?

Her mind went blank. After a while, Norah regained her voice and asked him in a puzzle.

"Are you going to divorce me?"


His voice was very low.

Gripping the pregnancy test, Norah was about to ask him whether there was any room for negotiation.

‘What if we are expecting a baby?'

‘Would you give it a second thought?’

Then he said, "Lily is back. I want to end our marriage in advance. We agreed on a three-year term marriage, but now the situation has changed. Let's end it one year earlier."

"I know it's a bit hasty. This is a draft. Take a look first. If you have any reasonable requirements, I will satisfy you."

Norah replied with her mind blank, "OK. I will read it later."

She reached her hands behind her back and grasped the test sheet tightly, layers of fine sweat oozing out.

She knew that it was no longer necessary to take it out.

"I also need another favor from you." Shawn said.

Norah clenched her hands, raised her head and looked at him with a smile. "Okay. What is it? I will help you as long as it's within my reach."

"You tell grandpa about the divorce. If I say it, he won't agree."

"OK, I understand."

She was an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a gambler.

A girl from such a family could never get married into the Lawson family.

How did she become his wife? Shawn's grandfather and father were plotted by business rivals and had a car accident, which caused their heart disease.

Her mother happened to be passing by and kindly saved his father and grandfather. And that was the only reason.

Years later, her mother had cancer and passed away. Her father was a gambler. His mother was worried that no one could look after her, so she contacted the Lawson family after many years and asked them to help take care of her.

Martin called the shots and married her to Shawn as soon as she graduated.

At that time, Shawn said, "I can marry you, but I love someone else. Our marriage will last for three years. After that, you tell grandfather that you want to divorce me for our own good."


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