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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 100

Chapter 100 He Agreed to Norah's Request

As soon as the call was connected, Norah immediately asked, "Have you read today's news?"

"I did."

His voice was very low.

"Then you...are you very angry?" Norah asked tentatively.

"Well, I'm very angry." Facing Norah, Shawn had already tried his best to curb his anger.

"What will you do if you find that person?" Norah asked again.

"Sue the person for damage to my reputation and leave the rest to my lawyers. What is sure is that the person will definitely go to jail."

Hearing this, Norah's heart increasingly sank.

Although she had expected that Shawn would definitely not give up, the fact that he would put the person "in jail" was far beyond her expectations.

When her mother passed away, she had told her that if Kelvin really did something wrong, as long as it wasn't too serious, she should save him because at least he's her father.

This was her mother's last words, how could she bear to refuse.

What's more, he was her father anyway. They were related by blood.

She didn't have to give him money or to see him and even she could pretend she didn't have such a father.

But if he may go into jail, how could she really stand by?

What's more...

Norah touched her belly, where a lively little baby had already been there.

It would also have an impact on the baby if whose grandfather was in jail with a criminal record.

As a mother, she would never allow this to happen.

Taking a deep breath, Norah spoke to the phone, "I'm sorry Shawn, my father did this."

"What did you say?"

If he hadn't heard Norah say it, Shawn almost would have thought there's something wrong with his ears.

"Yes, he really did this. He came to me yesterday and said that he secretly took photos of you and Lilian together. He thought you had cheated, so he was very angry. And he felt sorry for me.

"I drove him away, but I didn't expect..."

Norah knew he already figured out what she was going to say even if she didn't say it.

"Why did you tell me?" Shawn asked.

"With your ability, even if I don't say it, I believe you'll find out soon. And..."

She opened her mouth with a bitter voice, "He is my father anyway, and I'm not cold-blooded enough to watch him go to jail."

"So you made this call in order to persuade me to let him go?"


After speaking, Norah clutched her phone tightly.

In the process of waiting, her heart was up and down. Especially her palms were full of cold sweat.

Would he agree?

After all, it's not a small request.

Norah knew clearly that if it was someone else, Shawn would definitely sue after finding the person without any mercy.

So what about her?

Would he make a little exception?

Norah's heart was racing. As her tension strained to the broken point, suddenly, Shawn's voice came from there.



He said okay?


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