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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Norah Is Questioned

"Dad, since you have given all these things to me, can I understand that you let me handle them?" Norah asks seriously.

Marty nods cautiously and says, "Yes, you can handle them."

Hearing this, Norah feels much more relieved.

"Dad, have you let Shawn see these photos?"

"Not yet."

"Since he hasn't seen them, I hope he will never see them."

After Norah finishes speaking, she picks up one corner of a photo with one hand and holds the other corner with the other hand. Soon, the photo in her hands is torn into two pieces.

"Norah, think it over. This may be the only bargaining chip we can give you. Do you really want to ruin them."

"Dad, thank you for your reminder. I've thought it over."

Norah also tears each of the remaining photos into two pieces and then tears them in half again.

After all the photos are torn into pieces, Norah raises her head to look at Marty, "Dad, thank you and mom for the hard work. I know you did it for me."

"However, I don't want to use such a pathetic way to maintain my marriage with Shawn. If we love each other, I don't need to use this method. If we don't love each other, it will be meaningless to let him stay with me in this way."

"A marriage without love is just a pool of stagnant water. If one day I really break up with him, I think divorce is the best ending."

Marty feels the same way about these words.

He certainly knows that a marriage without love is indeed a pool of stagnant water, just like his with Susan.

"Forget it. Since you say so, dad won't force you. But we still hope you two can get along with each other well."

"Dad, don't worry. I will try my best."

When leaving the Lawson family, Norah accidentally sees Rosalyn .

This time, Rosalyn is much kinder than before. It's rare that she doesn't sneer.

Norah guesses that without the support of the Lawson family, Rosalyn and her mother's life won't be very good.

Otherwise she will never be so gentle to her and say hello forwardly.

Norah guesses right. Rosalyn comes to Lawson's house this time, hoping that Marty can give her and her mother some money for the sake of their kinship.

These days, she and her mother live a very poor life. Especially after their spare money was used up, they become more and more destitute.

However, Rosalyn doesn't get what she wants. Instead, she is humiliated.

So when she comes out of Marty's study room, she grits her teeth with her eyes full of hatred.

"Norah, it's you, It's all because of you."

"If it weren't for you, I would still be the noble lady of the Lawson family. Everything is because of you. I won't make it easier for you."

At this time, the servant beside her empties the garbage gathered in the study room into the trash can.

Rosalyn glances inadvertently, and suddenly, her eyes widen. If she reads it right, the person in the photos is Lily.


Why do the photos of Lily appear here?

After the servant leaves, Rosalyn looks around and immediately reaches out to pick up the photo.

Then she leaves the Lawson family like a thief.

After she gets home and splices all the photos together, she is shocked and immediately calls Lilian.

"Lily, here are some photos of you when you were abroad."

"What? Abroad?"

When it comes to foreign countries, Lilian immediately becomes restless.

Her life abroad is something she tries so hard to hide. And it's also the lingering shadow over her heart.


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