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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Giving up, Not Caring Anymore

With no way to avoid him, Norah could only walk up to him and say, "I just wanted to get some fresh air, so I came out."

"What about your phone? Why is it turned off?" Shawn looked at her phone.

Norah bit her lip and replied lightly, "Maybe it ran out of battery and turned off automatically."

At this moment, she had no idea that Shawn had almost searched the entire city to look for her.

He didn't mention the difficult process at all.

In the end, he just walked up to her and took her hand.

Since he had come, Norah knew she couldn't escape.

She didn't resist and let him take her hand, following him into the car.

On the way back, a sudden strong wind blew as if it was about to rain heavily. The trees on both sides of the street were swaying wildly.

Norah looked out the window calmly, not saying a word.

It wasn't until they turned left at a traffic light that she realized something was different. "Aren't we going home?"

"I'm taking you to dinner," Shawn said.


Norah replied lightly, with no expression on her face, neither agreeing nor refusing.

When the car stopped outside the restaurant, it was already pouring rain outside, and large raindrops hit the car.

Since this restaurant didn't have an underground parking lot, they had to enter from outside.

As soon as Norah got out of the car, Shawn said immediately, "Wait a moment."

The next moment, he got out of the car and took an umbrella, making sure everything was ready before finally taking Norah's hand. "Let's go."

"Thank you!"

Norah still had a calm expression on her face after thanking him.

She was no longer the naive girl she used to be.

She had long passed the age where a piece of candy could make her happy for the whole summer.

Maybe she had been hurt too much, or maybe her heart was too deeply wounded. Norah suddenly realized that this "sweetness" could not heal the pain in her heart.

Her heart was still very cold and painful.

They arrived at a VIP room on the second floor which was very tastefully decorated.

The room was peaceful and quiet, with the scent of orchids lingering in the air. Through the window, they could see a small garden below and hear the sound of the rain outside.

As soon as they arrived, the manager came in and respectfully asked, "Mr. Lawson, would you like us to serve the dishes now?"

"Are you hungry?" Shawn asked Norah.

"I'm fine with anything. It's up to you."

Shawn looked at the manager. "Okay, bring us the food now."

Soon, one exquisite dish after another was placed on the table, each one perfectly cooked and presented.

At that moment, the familiar melody of a piano began to play in the hall on the second floor. It was one of the songs Norah liked.

Norah wasn't stupid. With just one glance, she understood everything.

He had asked someone prepared all these in advance.

Just then, the lights in the room went out.

Norah thought there was a power outage, but the next moment, a beautiful cake was brought in. Shawn held a bouquet of roses and looked at her tenderly. "Norah, happy birthday!"

At this point, she should have remained unmoved.

But for some reason, her heart melted.


Her voice exposed what she was thinking.


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