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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Mr. Lawson, Do You Want Me to Pay? Blood for Blood?

"Shawn, I... I'm in pain!"

"Shawn, help me!"

Lilian cried softly and tenderly and quickly fell into Shawn's arms.

Shawn held her and looked deep into Norah's eyes.

Norah just stood there, holding the same position she had just been in. She didn't move at all, not even blinking her eyes.

She was still holding the knife, and blood was dripping from the tip. The blood on the blade was still warm, and the strong smell of blood filled the room.

When she saw Shawn holding Lilian, her gaze was cold and her application did not change.

If it had been before, she would have been very worried and panicked, afraid that Shawn would have misunderstood her.

But now it didn't matter.

Nothing mattered anymore. She didn't care what he was going to say or do.

If he thought she was mean or cruel, she didn't care anymore.

Maybe that was what happened when the heart died.

She cared about what he thought before, but in the present, his thoughts were completely meaningless to her.

"Since you care so much about her, why don't you hurry up and take the love of your life to the doctor. If you wait any longer, she might die."

Shawn looked at Norah almost in disbelief.

At that moment, he felt that she was so strange. She was not the Norah he knew.

The Norah he knew was a kind-hearted person. She would take care of an injured bird and set it free after it recovered, and she wouldn't even step on a bug.

She was a person who would be happy for the happiness of others and sad for the sorrow of others.

But at that moment, her eyes were too cold. There was a layer of mist in her eyes that was as cold as ice.

Her eyes were freezing.

"I'm in so much pain. Shawn, let's go to the doctor. I'm in so much pain." Lilian shrank into Shawn's arms, perfectly displaying the look of an angelic b*tch.

Shawn noticed that Norah had blood on her hands. It was hard to tell if it was blood from the knife or if her hand was injured.

"Your hand..."

Just as he spoke, Norah interrupted him without hesitation, "No need to ask. I know what you want to ask. I did it. I stabbed Lilian in the chest."

This time she admitted it directly, without any explanation or hesitation.

Since that was the answer he wanted, she could give it. She gave him the answer he wanted, and that was the end of it.

But for some reason, after Shawn heard the answer, the coldness in his black eyes did not diminish. His look became even darker, as if his eyes were covered with deep snow, so deep that no one else could see through it.

Norah laughed slightly with a mocking look in her eyes. He was really hard to please. She had already readily admitted it. What else did he want?

"What are you laughing at?" Shawn asked, staring at her intently with his black eyes.

"I'm laughing because you're so in love with the love of your life."

She had admitted it and he wasn't going to stop.

So what did he want?

Was he seeking justice for Lilian by making her pay? Blood for blood?

Norah took small steps toward Shawn. His eyes were calm and unflappable, but his heart was already racing.

He had clearly sensed that she changed after the accident.


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