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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Let's Get a Divorce

However, the ward had long been empty, and no one answered her at all.

"Norah Chase, Norah ......"

He shouted a few more times, but the reply to him was still only air.

Shawn panicked, he ran frantically to the reception desk with flowers in his arms, "Hello, where is the patient in the ward ** please?"

The nurse at the front desk looked through the records and told him, "Mr. Lawson, you're talking about Miss Chase, right?"

"Yes, that's her. Where is she?"

"Miss Chase came over early in the morning to do the discharge procedures and has already left."

"What?" Shawn could hardly believe his ears.

He came over every day to accompany Norah. The first two days she was indeed rather stubborn, cold, and indifferent to him; but in the latter days, she had transformed a lot.

She didn't refuse what he had prepared anymore. What's more, when he took the initiative to talk to her, she would respond.

She even had a smile on her face on the last day.

It was these transformations that made him drop his guard, thinking that she was slowly recovering.

But now it seemed that she had not gone past the hurdle in her heart at all. All the transformations and all the performances were fake. She just did these in order to disguise herself so that he would let down his guard.

Taking out his cell phone, Shawn immediately called Anthony, "Immediately, search the whole city for Norah's whereabouts."

"Mr. Lawson, I'll get right on it."

The efficiency of Lawson's group was not to be doubted. Ten minutes later, Anthony gave the result, "Mr. Lawson, Miss Norah has booked a room in the hotel. I will send you the location immediately."

As he knew her location, Shawn rushed all the way there frantically.

Fifteen minutes later, he rang the doorbell.

When he saw Norah's familiar face, he excitedly yanked her wrist, "Why did you leave by yourself?"

"It's time for the discharge date, so I should make room for other patients who need it."

Compared to Shawn's impatience, Norah seemed unusually calm.

In addition, she also seemed very calm and not a bit surprised that Shawn could find her so quickly.

Given the power of the Lawson family, it was just a piece of cake to find someone. She knew that Shawn would soon find her. So she did not think of running away. On the contrary, she was here waiting for him.

"I said I would pick you up from the hospital. Why didn't you wait for me?"

Realizing that his tone was a bit high, Shawn softened his voice.

Norah smiled. Her smile was bitter, "Really? Then I really thank you for your kindness, but I can no longer tell which of your words are true and which are not?"

"Norah, what I said to you is true," Shawn said excitedly.

Norah raised her head and gently pushed away his grip on her wrist, "It's all true?"

"Maybe? But if something happens to Lilian, or if she is not feeling well anywhere, or she is injured, you will leave me at any time to find her. It's just a discharge procedure. It's easy. I can do it myself. There's no need to wait for you to come."

Besides, she didn't want to bother him at all.

"Norah, you are still angry, right?" Shawn asked cautiously.

"You are joking. I won't be angry with you, and I am not angry."

She just gave up on him, reluctant to deceive and numb herself to give him a chance again and again.


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