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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 He was so Sexy

In an instant, his warm breath spilled onto Norah's nose, lips, and even his entire face with scalding magic power.

Her whole face was so red, with her one hand grabbing his tie, and suddenly it was neither suitable for going in or going back.

Norah felt like a deer was pounding in her heart.

"You... you stand up straight." She blushed and diverted her attention.

"Are you sure?"

Shawn's voice was obviously the same as usual. But in this atmosphere, Norah sounded that he was gentle and sexy.

Especially when his lips were still touching the tip of her nose, it was so warm that she couldn't wear a tie for him.

"I'm sure."

"All right."

Shawn straightened his body instantly, standing as straight as a pine and cypress.

Norah, "..."

She blushed even more.

Because it was so embarrassing.

When they used to be together often, she didn't realize that Shawn was so much taller than her. Now when he stood up straight, she couldn't reach him. She also needed to tiptoe to tie him.

Because of being pregnant, Norah has been very careful these days, wearing flat shoes.

Therefore, their height difference was more obvious.

And she didn't know what was going on today. She tied his tie several times and it didn't work.

Although her technique was not very good, she was not that bad!

Originally Norah was very anxious, but then his laughter sounded in his ear, "Who told me to stand up just now?"

Norah was instantly angry. Lifting her head, she gave him a stern look.

Then he shoved the tie in his hand into his arms, "Tie it yourself."

Knowing that she was angry, Shawn grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

When he saw a table behind him, he hugged Norah directly and put her on the table, "Okay, just go on."

For a moment, Norah went blank and was stunned as she grabbed his tie with both hands.

Such a picture seemed familiar.

She used to see it in idol dramas, but she didn't expect it would happen to her one day.

When tying the tie, Norah lowered her head and was very serious.

In fact, in the past, she would not wear a tie at all, because it was unnecessary.

When she knew she was going to marry him, she searched for videos on the Internet and followed it step by step. Always fail at first. Later she bought a tie and came back to practice. She practiced for a long time to learn.

At that time, she dreamed that every morning, she would make breakfast for him, tie him, and take him to work.

She had always felt that this was a sense of ritual between a couple, and it was full of joy and happiness.

But after getting married, he never asked her to tie him once.

The only time this happened was the day before they divorced.

The first and last time.

After tying his tie, Shawn hugged Norah down. They went downstairs hand in hand.

The hall of the Lawson family has already been arranged. The whole venue was based on the theme of "red", the favorite of the Chinese people, and matched other colors to make the whole place festive and cheerful.

It was not only festive, but also revealed the dignity and extraordinaryness of the Lawson family.

Martin was wearing a traditional red birthday suit. He also had his hair trimmed, which matched with the bright red clothes to make him look healthy and strong.

"Grandpa, happy 80th birthday."


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