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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Norah Kisses Him Forwardly

"It's really very uncomfortable." Shawn says.

Then he opens his eyes. Those eyes look at Norah with sexual passion. His voice is terribly low, "But I will feel more uncomfortable if you are here."

"Norah, I'm not a gentleman. If you stay longer, I can't guarantee that I will control myself."

Norah can only turn around and leave.

She turns back the coverlet and lays on the bed.

But she is not sleepy at all.

All her attention is concentrated on Shawn. And she listens carefully to every sound and movement inside.

Within half an hour, the water has been changed three times.

He must be very hot and uncomfortable, so he frequently changes the water to keep it cold and dunks in it .

Thinking he just resisted so hard that his eyes were red and his whole body was terribly hot, Norah's eyes turn red.

Thinking that he is so uncomfortable, she suffers too.

In the bathroom, when changing the water for the fourth time, Shawn finally can't help calling Anthony, "Now, send me the antidote immediately."

"President Lawson, what antidote?"

"My mother wants me to have sex with Norah. So what antidote?"

Shawn shouts. Anthony immediately opens his mouth in astonishment, "Madam is painstaking! She almost does everything possible."

"Come here right after you take the antidote. Don't blame me for not reminding you. Make full preparation and hide the antidote, otherwise don't cry when you come in."

"How can I cry? President Lawson, you underestimates me."

After hanging up the phone, Shawn takes a deep breath.

Now he just hopes that Anthony can send the antidote here soon.

But the longer time it takes, the more powerful the madicine's effect is, and the more uncomfortable he is.

Hearing his muffled groan, Norah can't resist any longer. She gets off the bed and doesn't even bother to put on her shoes. She opens the door of the bathroom and walks in.

Seeing that his eyes are scarlet, that he is desperately holding back himself and that sweat keeps dripping from his forehead. Norah suddenly cares about nothing. She directly reaches out to drain the water out of the bathtub.

Then she fills it with hot water.

"Norah, what are you doing?"


Norah is speechless. But she straightly gets into the bathtub, bends to hug Shawn. Her soft voice is in his ear, "I know you are very uncomfortable. I don't want to see you feel so hard."

"If..." Her face is so rosy that it seems some water will drip from it. The rest of her words almost use up all her courage, "If I want, Will you not have to hold back yourself so hard."

"Norah." Shawn suddenly raises his head and looks at her with restrained anger, "Get out immediately."

"Why? You are obviously so uncomfortable."

She can't bear it.

For him, she has given up her pride and her self-esteem.

She keeps telling herself that as long as he is gentle, it won't affect the baby.

She convinced himself with so many words, but what she got in the end is his ruthless rejection.

"If you're worried about tomorrow's divorce, I promise I won't bother you. I'll live as if nothing has happened after tonight is over."

"I'm not that jerk yet. Get out."

His voice is so loud and so fierce.

Norah can't hold back her tears. Her tears drop down.

"I've heard people say that this medicine is very powerful. If it can't be eased, it may even cause death."

Ignoring the tears in her eyes, Norah suddenly leans over and directly kisses Shawn's lips.

Her slender arms wrap around his neck and hug his body tightly.

"Norah." Shawn restrains his anger and pulls her away.

Those scarlet eyes flash with great anger, "Don't let me repeat it again. Get out immediately."


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