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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Norah Was Robbed

After Norah scanned the QR code, she was a little surprised.

His avatar was him wearing a police uniform with a gun in his hand, looking high-spirited.

He turned out to be a police officer. No wonder he was so kind to help her just now.

When she was a child, Norah had a special fondness for police officers. Today, the officer helped her twice, and Norah's affection for them grew more.

"I've already added you. Please pass my requirement when you have time and I'll return the money to you."

After speaking, Norah pulled the suitcase and sat on the seat by the window.

When there was a red light, Norah looked out the window.

On the sidewalk, there were students jumping here and there, elderly people who were helped by others when crossing the road, and takeaway delivers riding electric vehicles.

Seeing all this, she suddenly felt that life became alive.

Maybe this was the life for her.

If it wasn't for her mother saving her grandfather, she would not have come to the Lawson family, and she would not have had the chance to marry Shawn.

After graduating, she would also be an ordinary member of these people. She would go to work and come back home every day on a bus, barely heading to any other places and busy running around for life.

It was more laborious.

But this was her original route of life.

She wouldn't worry about losing or be cautious as if walking on thin ice.

But if this was the case, she would never have the chance to see Shawn again.

Thinking of this, Norah's chest started to hurt. The fine, sore pain tugged at her heart bit by bit, making her almost breathless.

"Dear Mr. Lawson, I love you."

"Dear Mr. Lawson, I love you."

Lilian's words revolved wildly in her mind like a spell.

Suddenly, the bus went like crazy. The road ahead was full of potholes, and Norah felt she was almost thrown away.

More importantly, she felt her stomach began to roll wildly.

Her heart was aching.

And now her stomach started aching, too.

The emotions that had been accumulated for several days were suddenly vented at this moment.

Tears fell from her eyes and dripped onto her palms. They were still hot.

"Shawn, stupid man, I hate you to the core."

"You idiot. I won't talk to you anymore."

Norah cursed angrily in her heart, but the more she cursed, the sadder she felt.

And the tears rolled down more.

She felt so embarrassed and shameful to cry like this in public.

She reached out her bag, but couldn't find any tissue.

She must have left in a hurry and forgot to bring it.

Just when she was anxious, a good-looking hand suddenly gave her a packet of tissue.

As soon as Norah looked up, she saw the face of the man just now, as cold as ever.


The travel was too bumpy, and when the bus got to the next stop, Norah couldn't take it anymore. She decided to get off the bus in advance.

She pulled the suitcase and was about to go down through the back door, when suddenly, there was a sharp pain on her ear.

The pain was so sharp that she nearly fainted.

Norah just reacted when he saw a man with dyed yellow hair and jeans had been subdued to the ground, screaming.

And the person who saved her was the man just now.

She reached out and touched her terribly aching ear, only to find that it was bleeding.

She wiped her ear, and her hands were covered in blood.

"Don't move. Go to the hospital later." The man looked at her and said in a low voice.

He looked at the bus stop sign, then took out his mobile phone and made a call. "Yes, Farmland Stop. Come here right away."

Within five minutes, the police came.

After asking Norah a few questions, the police took the robber away.



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