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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Norah, I Could Afford You

Shawn's hand rubbing the medicine for her suddenly froze.

After a few seconds, his expression returned to normal.

His low voice was as calm as ever, "Didn't you already know the purpose of our marriage?"

Sure enough, the breath that Norah hung in her heart suddenly fell.

This was an expected answer.

She shouldn't have expected it, but she couldn't help but want to ask.

Now that having known the answer, she would no longer have unrealistic fantasies.

So you see, so many facts were telling her she's wrong.

And she was terribly wrong.

For so many years, his lover was Lilian, and only Lilian.

Perhaps from the moment Lilian returned to China, from the moment he filed for divorce, her dream was shattered.

It fell to the ground and fell apart.

And it can't be fixed anymore.

But Shawn, did you know that you were really cruel?

Since you didn't love me, why did you treat me so tenderly? Was it just because of Grandpa's entrustment?

But such tenderness was not love.

It was just pity and sympathy.

It was also the last thing she wanted.

Just waking up from a dream, Norah suddenly retracted her hand and looked at him, "Thank you for helping me apply the medicine, but I can do it myself."

"Don't move." Shawn held her hand.

Norah insisted on pulling out her hand, "I don't need your help. This is not a difficult job, I can apply medicine myself."

"Norah, don't be willful."

Shawn grabbed her hand again.

This time, Norah didn't pull out her hand but looked at the box opposite.

"Didn't you see? Your lover is still waiting for you. You asked her out for the Valentine's day, buying gifts and giving surprises. If you waste your time with me now, all your time will be wasted. Well, it doesn't work anymore."

"Give me the medicine. I can take it myself."

However, Shawn seemed to have not heard.

He quickened his speed and continued to apply the medicine.

But his actions behind were not as gentle as before. Norah's wound was a little painful from his actions.

After applying the medicine, Shawn released Norah's hand.

"You said everything was as usual today?" He looked at her with deep eyes.

Norah avoided his gaze, "This has nothing to do with you. Go back quickly, Lilian is still waiting for you!"

"You just want to drive me away?"

It wasn't that she drove him away, but his heart wasn't with her, so what's the point of keeping him reluctantly?

"You didn't come out with me today. Since you came out with her, you should stay with her. What's the point of coming to see me on the way?" Norah said, feeling sour.

"Today happened to be her birthday, so I promised her a long time ago. I didn't expect it to be the Valentine's Day. I didn't mean to." Shawn explained.

"You don't have to explain to me."

"Are you angry?" Shawn asked again.

Norah shook her head, "No."

Shawn looked at the bags next to him, "You're angry."

After receiving the card swiping text message, he wondered how she could spend such a large sum of money suddenly. So she bought these diamond rings, which makes sense.


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