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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Being Strangers After Divorce

"Okay, girl, now that you have decided, I respect your decision."

Martin stretched out his hand and pointed tremblingly at the cabinet not far away, "There is a drawer at the bottom of the cabinet on the right, and there is a password box in it, you can take it out."


Norah walked over, carefully took out the box from the cabinet, and came to grandpa with it.

"Grandpa, do you still remember the password?"

"The password is your grandma's birthday."

"Grandma?" Norah was very unfamiliar with this title, and this memory was blank to her.

Because when she entered the Lawson family, her grandmother had already died of illness.

"Shawn knows it, you can ask him for help." The old man reminded in a time-beaten voice.

"Okay, thank you grandpa."

Holding the box, Norah went out with an uneasy mood.

The door was empty.

Shawn seemed to have left.

Norah was about to call him when suddenly another wave of nausea hit her heart.

After vomiting, her whole body was weak and she almost lost her strength.

Holding the lockbox, she staggered back to the room and laid on the sofa.

She took out mobile phone and dialed Shawn, while the opposite was busy.

She put down her phone and stared blankly at the password box in front of her. At that moment, a very shameless thought suddenly appeared in her mind.


If she told Shawn, grandpa would not agree to their divorce.

Or she said that she didn't get the documents at all, maybe they didn't need to divorce?

If Lilian got angry and left here.

Then they may go back to the time when no one disturbed them.

When the baby was born, they would be the happiest family of three, right?

Just then, suddenly, the door was opened.

Norah immediately put the password box behind her to hide it.

Shawn was wearing a suit, came straight and stood in front of her.

"Finished?" He asked. His voice so low that there was no undulation.

Norah smelled the flavor of cigarette from him and couldn't help frowning, "Have you smoked?"

"Well, I smoked a little bit. How was the chat with grandpa? Did he agree?"


Norah shook her head subconsciously.

"I'm going to talk to grandpa."

"Wait." Norah stopped him, "Do you regret marrying me?"

"No regrets, no, it was the best choice at that time."

His face was cold, and even when he said these words, his tone was the same as usual.

But his eyes were as deep as a pool.

Norah felt that she couldn't gain an insight into his mind.

"After the divorce, can we still meet, eat together, and still be like old friends?" Norah suddenly looked at his eyes and asked him seriously.

Shawn reached out and rubbed her hair, "What's in your little head all day long. After the divorce, you are no longer my wife but you are still grandpa's favorite granddaughter and a member of the Lawson family."

"A member of the Lawson family?"


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