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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 A Beautiful Lie of Shawn

"What did you say?"

Norah couldn't believe it, her body trembled uncontrollably.

She suddenly felt so cold.

There was a chill that was eroding along her feet to her limbs, making her shivering.

At that time, grandpa once asked her,"Norah, if Shawn wants to be with you and marry you, would you marry him?"

"Grandpa, is he really willing to do so?"

She asked like that because she already knew the person he loved was Lilian.

She had persuaded herself that if he was forced by grandpa to marry her, she would not agree anyway, because she didn't want to tie him up with the marriage.

Let alone to get his love that way.

"Honey, how can grandpa force Shawn to do something he won't, you already knew his temper."

Then she also asked Shawn the same question.

She asked him, "Did you want to marry me of your own free will? I know that grandpa loves me very much. I don't want you to marry me because of grandpa's order. I don't even want to embarrass you."

How did Shawn answer her?

He said, "Yes, Lily and I have already broken up. Let's make an agreement that I will try to love you within three years, and if I fail three years later, we can divorce peacefully, you agree?"

"I do!" She smiled brightly at that moment.

Shawn also asked, "Why did you agree to marry me? Don't you have someone you like? And you are willing to be bound by a marriage? You don't want to pursue your own love?"

She said yes, she liked someone for eight years.

Then she shook her head, "No need to pursue anymore."

Because she has become his wife, from love to marriage directly. A big step in life for her.

But now, Lilian told her that none of these were real .

If what she said was the truth.

That meant that from the beginning, everyone was lying to her.

The three-year agreement?

Norah pinched her fingers, suddenly sneered, it was a lie in such guise.

She was so moved to tears for that in those years, thinking that Shawn really got over Lilian and wanted to start with her.

But it turned out that she was the stupid one who was being played around.

"Norah, you are really naive. Shawn loves me, how could he marry you voluntarily? Do you know why he proposed a three-year agreement? It's just a good excuse for you to divorce with him with no reasons and without complaint after three years. So he can get his freedom back to marry me."

"He knew that Martin would agree only if you were the one who propose to divorce."

"In order to be with me, he really spent a lot of energy, and even... set up this beautiful trap."

Lilian's words made Norah felt like she was in an ice cellar.

Tightly covered by a chill, she was so cold.

If all of it were fake.

So those time they spent together, he all pretended liked that?

And those nights.

He hugged her, their sweet times, was it all fake?

Nothing was true.

Norah's heart broken, she suddenly felt like a clown, stupid to the extreme.

That's why she was tricked by Shawn into his multiple traps.

"I don't believe it, unless you tell me how grandpa forced him."

Norah clenched her fists. After getting along for so long, she knew Shawn too well.

If grandpa didn't have a very important bargaining chip, from his temper, even if grandpa put the knife on his neck again, it would not be possible for him to obey him.

Lilian sneered sarcastically.


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