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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Get Out of the Way

Norah's voice was soft and pleasing.

Normally, Shawn would definitely hold her hands to go home.

But today he didn't. He was filled with fury because he knew Norah was pleasing him for Matthew. She even forced herself to beg him.

Norah knew that Shawn was furious, so she deliberately stepped forward and held his hand.

She tried to ask him to leave soon by telling him to go home.

Mat had helped her a lot.

Especially today, she might still be stuck on the mountain till now without his help.

The wind roared and the black clouds swept. The whole mountain was as dark as night. Besides, she must be terrified as there were many cemeteries.

"Honey, my clothes are all wet. I feel cold and tired. I want to go home!" Norah's voice was soft as if a feather was drifting gently.

That she was acting in a cutesy manner was actually what Shawn had been looking forward to these days. And he should have been very happy about it.

But she did it for the sake of Matthew. Shawn's tenderness was instantly hardened at the thought of it.

He was standing there and looking at Norah with cold eyes, "Why do you want me to leave here so soon? Are you trying to protect him?"

Norah was silent with her lips compressed and her head lowered.

Shawn was angrier since she didn't reply. He grabbed her arm, "Norah, answer me!"

Norah raised her head and looked at Shawn with her watery eyes. She said coldly, "What do you want? Fight with him?"

"What if I mean it?" Shawn clenched his teeth and looked at him.

Norah replied firmly, "I won't allow it as long as I'm here."

Although Shawn was good at martial art, he would lose in the fight since Matthew was a policeman after all.

But whether Shawn could win Matthew was one thing, whether Norah protected Matthew was quite another.

"Good job, Norah. See what you've done!"

Shawn looked at her. His tone sounded impulsive as if he wanted to strangle her.

His wife was trying to protect another man at a critical moment. Besides, she did it regardless of all consequences.

That was great!

Shawn was almost to explode. He got so mad for the first time in his life.

He clenched his fists, desperately trying to control himself.

However, he was crazily jealous to think that Norah was trying to protect Matthew.

In the end, Shawn didn't hold back his anger. He stepped forward to grab Matthew's shirt. He then clenched his fists and was about to hit him.

"No, Shawn, " Norah shouted. She rushed over without thinking and stood in front of Matthew.

Shawn's fist suddenly stopped in front of Norah. It was only a few centimeters away from her. It meant that Norah would have been hit if he was faster.

"Norah, get out of the way!" Shawn ordered and stared at her with deep black eyes.

Norah stood firmly in front of Matthew. She straightened her waist and looked at him with her firm black eyes, "I'll go only if you put down your hand."

"What if I don't?"

"I won't go."

They were glaring at each other. But there was no tenderness or warmth in their eyes, full of fury instead.

One second, two seconds, three seconds... One minute later, Shawn gave in.

He looked at Norah, "I can let him go and I won't hit him. But you have to go back with me right now."

"Okay, " Norah nodded and agreed without hesitation.


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