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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1420

Jonathan stood frozen, fear coursing through his veins. His emotions, which he tried so hard to control, were spiraling out of control. His blood felt as if it had turned to ice, paralyzing him.

Suddenly, he was transported back to two years ago, the day when he found out she had left him. He completely fell apart, swallowed by a wave of darkness. Since then, even breathing became torture.

Had she left him again?

Had she left him for the second time?

Jonathan felt a chill run through his body. After what felt like an eternity, he picked up his phone and dialed Estelle's number, only to find out she had turned off her phone.

He staggered back into the living room and sank into the couch, feeling as if he were suffocating.

How long would he have to wait for her this time?

Why, despite giving her his all, did he end up like this?

Pain spread through his heart like a thousand needles. He even started to feel resentment; his heart was filled with injustice.

After a while, he picked up his phone again and dialed Millard's number. "Check Estelle's travel history; where did she go?"

Millard was taken aback for a moment but responded quickly.

In the darkness, Jonathan waited; each passing second felt like an eternity.

Although it was just a few minutes, it felt like two years. In those few minutes, he revisited their first meeting, their mutual understanding, and everything that happened afterward.

Asking him to give her up was like asking him to rip out his own heart. How could he live like this?

Suddenly, his phone lit up in the darkness. The urgent vibration of the phone echoed in the room, yet Jonathan's eyes were distant. After a long moment, he picked up the phone, his fingers trembling as he unlocked it.

"Where did she go?"


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