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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 2163

Jason reached out and touched her forehead, “Still feeling hot?”

This time, Sophia didn’t dodge, “The fever’s brought down a while ago.”

“What about Robin? Didn’t he come to see you?” Jason inquired.

“He had to leave early for work!”

Jason’s irritation flared anew, “You’re still sick, and he’s putting work first? Can’t you be a little selfish? If you keep indulging him like this, he’ll only take you for granted even more.”

Sophia looked back at him, “His business is in a critical phase. I don’t want to hold him back.”

Jason’s face tightened, “You’re not a burden to anyone. Robin’s lucky to have you. It’s like he’s won the lottery.”

Sophia grinned, carefree, “Am I really that great? This is the first time I’ve heard you compliment me.”

Seeing her still in the mood to laugh, Jason was too exasperated to speak.

Sophia tugged at his sleeve, “I’m still sick; can’t you stop being mad at me?”

Jason replied with self-deprecating humor, “If I really let you get to me, I’d be six feet under by now.”

Sophia tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and chuckled as she gazed at him, her eyes sparkling.

Jason felt his anger fade gradually, “Tomorrow’s Monday. I’ve handed all your tasks over to Inman. You rest up and don’t go back to work until you’re fully recovered. And don’t worry about Evelyn; if she comes looking for trouble again, just show her the door. You don’t have to be polite for anyone’s sake.”

“Thanks, Mr. Gilder!” Sophia said with a playful smile.

Watching her smile, Jason felt a sting in his heart, a tickling pain that made him oddly fond of the sensation.

A servant came in, “Miss, Mr. Gilder, lunch is served!”

Sophia was about to get up, but Jason pressed her shoulder and turned to instruct, “Sophia’s not well. Prepare some light dishes for her and bring them up here.”


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