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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 2189

Like Xavier, who had retreated from a grueling battle, Gabriel found it hard to let go of the past. Perhaps he had never truly moved on.

Sylvia looked at him, "So, you're afraid to step back too, aren't you?"

Gabriel lowered his gaze, his voice a soft murmur, "Maybe."

She leaned forward, her eyes gentle and understanding, "It's not as scary as you think. I've made it through, and you can too!"

"Hmm," Gabriel murmured in agreement, "At least for now, boredom seems to be the only downside."

Sylvia laughed, "Wait till we get back to C City, you'll wish you had the time to be bored."

Gabriel's lips curved into a half-smile, noncommittal.

Sylvia inquired, "Are you staying in J City because of a girl named Evelyn?"

Gabriel nodded slightly, "Yeah, Evelyn might be Old Mr. Quintin's granddaughter, lost twenty years ago. Estelle brought her back from Citadel, waiting for Vivian to confirm her identity."

Sylvia realized, "No wonder Estelle is so protective of Evelyn. They have a connection."

"It's just a suspicion for now," Gabriel said cautiously.

Sylvia rested her chin on her hand, a mischievous glint in her eye, "Did Old Mr. Jarvis ever mention, if Evelyn's identity is confirmed, that you should marry her? Keep it all in the family?"

Gabriel looked up sharply, his gaze piercing.

Sylvia's lips pursed as she turned to gaze out the window.

"He didn't suggest it, but Old Mr. Quintin did," Gabriel admitted.

Sylvia glanced back at him, silent.

Gabriel spoke softly, "I haven't agreed to anything."


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